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Tanya was the codename of an Allied female commando who operated during the first and second iterations of the Third World War. Her skills rival, if not better than those of the famed US Navy SEALs , and was equipped with dual pistols and C4. In addition, she was also trained to swim long distances allowing her to plant the explosives on hulls of enemy ships. Furthermore, she could self-heal at a slow rate due to improved provisions. After the Soviet Union was defeated, she was trained to resist mind control in case they had to combat it again.

Guardian G. Attack dog. Sniper Great Britain only. Navy SEAL. Chrono legionnaire. Chrono commando stolen tech only. Psi commando stolen tech only. Chrono miner.

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Grizzly battle tank. Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Robot tank. Tank destroyer Germany only.

Tanya Adams was created for Red Alert by Adam Isgreen as a result of his fascination with John Woo's Hong Kong films at the time. To highlight the different nature of C&C and Red Alert he changed the commando to be a woman wielding dual pistols. Originally Adams was to be paired with Megan, ex-IRA demolition and stealth unit, but Megan was dropped Red Alert 2 patch Tanya's/Navy SEAL C-4 charges can now be planted on all bridges. Red Alert 2 patch no other infantry units other than those with explosives can blow up buildings when joining to a Tanya command waypoint. Yuri's Revenge (release version ): can only be built once at a time per player; cost increased from $   She is hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, ivey2020.com: jaltesorensen

Mobile Construction Vehicle. Prism tank. Mirage tank. Battle Fortress. NightHawk transport. Black Eagle Korea only. Amphibious transport. Aegis cruiser. Aircraft carrier.

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Construction yard. Power plant. Ore refinery. War factory. Naval shipyard. Airforce Command Headquarters.

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Service Depot. Robot control center. Battle lab.

Ore purifier. Fortress walls.

Patriot missile system. Prism tower. Grand cannon France only. Gap generator.

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Spy Satellite Uplink. Weather control device. Airborne America only. Force shield. Lightning storm.

Gunter von Esling Albert Einstein George Patton Vladimir Kosygin Nikos Stavros Tanya Adams Field Commander A9 Retaliation Commander. Bing civilian Jerry Boyd Michael Dugan Albert Einstein Ben Carville Eva Lee Rene Lyon Monnage Tanya British Prime Minister German Chancellor South Korean Naval Commander Allied Commander.

Eva McKenna Allied Commander. Howard T. Ackerman Vice President Robert Bingham Warren Fuller Lissette Hanley Giles Price Gregor Zelinsky Eva McKenna Tanya Allied Commander. Douglas Hill Brenda Snow Eva McKenna Giles Price Rupert Thornley Kelly Weaver Lydia Winters.

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Categories Red Alert 2 characters Red Alert 2 Allied arsenal Allied characters Red Alert 2 commandos. Community content is available under CC BY-SA 3. Fan Feed 1 List of Red Alert 3 units 2 Eva McKenna 3 Brotherhood of Nod. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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FandomShop Newsletter Join Fan Lab. The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge and might contradict canon.

Oh, she's not kidding, commander. If we don't move fast enough, we'll all become slaves to Romanov and his slimeball Yuri. You hear what I'm saying?

There is nothing worse for a soldier than to lose their mind. We're trusting you. One short swim to Alcatraz, and I'll blow that psychic contraption sky-high! No fear, Tanya's here!

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No problem, I'm trained to resist mind control - Tanya in Egypt. You know, it might be easier to sneak me across the river then to get an entire army over the bridge - Tanya in Egypt.

Catch you on the replay. I never thought I'd say this to a commie, but, um But you better know what you're doing, 'cause if my men gets slaughtered, you're gonna have to answer to me. You got that Ooh, look at me, I can call in an airstrike! Allied Forces. Soviet Union.

Yuri's Army. Names in italics are from the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack. Units Infantry. Engineer Attack dog Sniper Great Britain only Rocketeer Navy SEAL Spy Tanya Chrono legionnaire Chrono commando stolen tech only Psi commando stolen tech only. Chrono miner Grizzly battle tank Infantry Fighting Vehicle Robot tank Tank destroyer Germany only Mobile Construction Vehicle Prism tank Mirage tank Battle Fortress campaign only : Propaganda Truck.

Amphibious transport Destroyer Aegis cruiser Dolphin Aircraft carrier. Just like her GWIII counterpartshe destroyed the four Soviet Dreadnoughts attacking the capitalist monument. Ultimately, however, she was killed in battle. Commander Moskvin commented on her courage if his forces kill her or if the commander kill her using a Top Secret Protocolor expressed his anger that she deserved worse if the Soviet commander kills Tanya before him.

In the Empire campaign, she led the Allied forces at Santa Monica in repelling the Imperial offensivebut ultimately failed to stop the Empire from capturing the city and turning its media centers against the Allies. She also fought the Imperial forces during their invasion of Amsterdam by the Imperial Shogun who killed her brutally. Tanya remained active during The Uprising.

When rogue Imperial commander Kenji Tenzai activated a stolen Technology inhibitor and disabled all of the Allied vehicles in the battlefield, she was paradropped in along with a team of Allied infantry reinforcements to apprehend him. Tanya returns and once again she is a threat to all ground targets and naval units. Combine that with her incredible accuracy and the result is Tanya's unparalleled ability to take on small and big armies of enemy infantry all by herself.

She is said to use these charges with some zeal, though Allied commanders have repeatedly cautioned against using them on the highly-explosive Soviet super-reactors. The Time Belt ironically requires a short amount of time to recharge and so cannot be used continuously.

In effect this means that even the mightiest Soviet warship or naval base is unsafe from her. Main Page All Pages.

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Tiberium Universe. Red Alert Universe. Red Alert timeline Red Alert Red Alert 2 Red Alert 3. Generals Universe. Generals timeline Generals. Dune Dune II Dune Emperor: Battle for Dune. Staff list Forums Mods Policies and guidelines Source texts Veinhole monster.

Generals Universe Generals timeline Generals. Dune II Dune Emperor: Battle for Dune. Red Alert Universe Red Alert timeline Red Alert Red Alert 2 Red Alert 3. FANDOM Games Movies TV Video. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? in: Red Alert 3 charactersRed Alert 3 Allied arsenalAllied charactersRed Alert 3 commandos.

Tanya Red Alert 3.

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View source. History Talk 0. Allied Commander American Vice President Howard T. Ackerman Robert Bingham Warren Fuller Lissette Hanley Douglas Hill Eva McKenna Giles Price Tanya Rupert Thornley Kelly Weaver Lydia Winters. Soviet Commander Zhana Agonskaya Vera Belova Anatoly Cherdenko Dasha Fedorovich Nikolai Krukov Nikolai Moskvin Sergei Oleg Vodnik Natasha Volkova Gregor Zelinsky. Imperial Commander Izumi Shinzo Nagama Yuriko Omega Takara Sato Shinji Shimada Naomi Shirada Tatsu Kenji Tenzai Suki Toyama Emperor Yoshiro.

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Ted Bradley Albert Einstein Brenda Snow Devona Williams. Attack dog. Javelin soldier. Cryo legionnaire.

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Multigunner IFV. Riptide ACV. Mobile Construction Vehicle. Guardian tank. Athena cannon. Mirage tank. Pacifier FAV. Future Tank X Apollo fighter.

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Century bomber. Harbinger gunship. Sky Knight.

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Artemis precision bomber. President's chopper campaign only. Assault destroyer.

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Aircraft carrier. Construction yard. Power plant. Ore refinery. Boot camp. Armor facility.

  The Girls of Red Alert 3 and Red Alert Uprising. By Zach Tropf on February 4th, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is a real-time strategy video game developed by Electronic Arts. It was released on October 28, in the United States, although the PlayStation 3 version was delayed due to difficulties with the system's ivey2020.comted Reading Time: 40 secs Trivia. In cutscenes, Tanya is sometimes seen with an AKM assault rifle that she never uses in-game.; In the Allied ending cutscene of Red Alert 2, Tanya is seen holding two SIG-Sauer Ps when she and a team of Allied soldiers storm Premier Romanov's office.; In cutscenes, her sports bra is brown, but in-game it is remappable (player-coloured) I love Red Alert 2, it used to be my favorite game as a kid when I used a Windows XP system. However, I completely lost the ability to play it the moment I upgraded to windows 7. The game simply refused to function. Years passed and now I use windows 10 in a much much newer system

Defense bureau. Fortress wall.

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Multigunner turret. Spectrum tower.

Proton collider. Command hub. VIP bunker. Technology inhibitor.

Special Agent Tanya is an elite Allied Commando, appearing in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and its expansion, Uprising. Tanya can be trained starting in mission The Shark and the Lure but in The Famous Liberation only one is available at a time but can be trained in missions after ivey2020.com content: Chrono tank Prism tank

Mount Rushmore control center. Advanced aeronautics. Surgical strike. Time bomb. Deluxe time bomb. Supreme time bomb. Paratroop team campaign only. Surveillance sweep.

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