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Well in no time she was sucking his cock, and then they were fucking her.

Threeway sex stories

She got on her knees on the sofa and Jeff started working all of that huge cock into her pussy. She was a small woman like me and I wondered where it was all going.

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Her husband had moved to the end of the couch and put his cock in her mouth, that woman was in heaven and I was so hot I was about to explode, and Bob's cock was making my ass wet. I could stand it no longer and got on my knees and told Bob to fuck me hard.

apologise, but

When he slipped his cock in my pussy I yelled, " put your fat cock in me Jeff, I want every inch of that wonderful black cock to fill my body, I want it just like the video. We collapsed on the bed and lay there in each others arms panting. When we calmed down Jim asked if I remembered what I said about wanting it just like the video, and could I really do that.

I said start the video over and get the dildo and come back to bed, I spread my legs, and asked Bob to fuck me with our ten inch toy and let me suck his cock while I watched Jeff fuck the woman for what seemed like thirty minutes, I was moaning and pulled Bob's cock out of my mouth and told Jeff to fuck me harder with his wonderful huge black cock, and began sucking harder, with this Bob began to really put it to me and I came again and yelled to Jeff his cock was heaven.

Bob shot his load in my mouth, and we again held each other while we calmed down. Bob said," well that seems to have answered my question. With this I found out Bob had been thinking about just that, he told me there were sites on the Internet that had personals just for that, with pictures and stories, and he named several, dark cavern, slutwives, cuckold dot com, and even one that a husband would video men fucking his wife and sell the vids, and they even had couples request they video them and provide the men, and those were for sale also.

It all really blew my mind, I had a plan to spice our love life up, but this went way beyond what I had planed. I said, well you seem to want this too, and he did. I didn't think anyone would be interested in a 47 year old woman, but Bob pointed out with my 34 Ds that were still firm, small waist, and bubble ass, all on a pound five foot frame there would be many takers, but we needed a picture of me with our add, I said no way, but Bob said he would blur my face and no one would know it was me and we would use nicknames.

I posed on my knees, standing up, on my stomach, and on my back with my legs spread and the 10 inch vibrator poised to go in my cunt and then one with it buried in my cunt.

Then we began looking at the adds, even the men had adds, and there were many huge cocks, so many I began to get wet again. I read the true stories and began to believe that this would really happen.

Bob put our add in, with my pictures, and we began to wait, and I began to have sleepless nights with visions of large black cocks filling all my holes, I didn't sleep very much, with Bob's hard cock rubbing my ass every night, he was as anxious as I was. Well in a couple of weeks the answers began coming in, it seems everyone wanted to fuck me. We had put in the add only men with ten inches need apply and a photo was necessary.

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There were so many ten inches plus, that I felt like a kid in a candy store, some of the remarks were crude and we threw those out and some were cute and some were sweet, but the Red Personals were the best.

They would match you to those close to your home. We joined with the gold membership so we could be contacted by members as well as non members. When those started to come in we thought we had hit a gold mine.

We had been deciding for a month and were getting real horny, and then James message came in with his picture, he was a god, good body, large cock, twenty five, and his message was sweet and non threatening. It looked like we had found our match, and he was black.

Necessary threeway sex stories the message

I don't really understand why black was so attractive to Bob and I, but a large black cock was just so much more erotic.

We had to decide who would respond, and we decided it should be me since I was the one who would be on the receiving end of that luscious black meat. I returned his email and we spent the next week exchanging emails and getting to know each other. Bob was getting impatient and wanted to get on with it, so I asked for his phone number and decided to call and if he sounded as nice on the phone as he did in the emails we would set up a time and a place, and since he was only an hours drive there would be no problem there.

touching phrase

I told him what time I would call and the phone didn't ring but once before he picked up. Was he as anxious as we were, I hoped so, I wanted him as excited as I was when be made love, or as I learned, just plain fucked.

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We talked for an hour, not about what we were going to do, but just friendly, we set up a date for the weekend, and since it was Tuesday, he said he would have a hard time waiting, and I couldn't resist telling him to leave himself alone, because I wanted all he had in his balls so don't waste any, he laughed and said I would be surprised how much he was saving for me, and he could last a long time and go many times without too much rest in between, I told him I was getting wet hearing him tell me that.

I told him we would get to hotel early and get a room and shower, and I would call him with our room number, he said it was a ten minute ride to the motel and please be naked so we won't have to feel awkward about who starts undressing, and his clothes would start coming off as soon as the door closed.

When Bob got home I told I called James and we had a great talk and I felt at ease with the meeting, Bob asked where his number was in case something happened and we couldn't make it, like something could stop me.

doesn't matter! sorry

I told him it was in the emails and I had saved them all. I later found out that he wanted to ask something of James, and I would find out that was a good thing. The next four days were long for Bob and I, I asked him to get us a twelve inch black vibrator, I wanted to get my pussy used to what was about to happen, and I still couldn't believe it but I couldn't wait.

Bob and I used the new toy every night, it was fatter than the ten inch, and it took some practice before Bob could get all of it in, but it was so good trying I had many orgasms and we named it James.

Sorry, threeway sex stories everything

James would fuck me and I would suck Bob's cock all the while telling James how good his cock felt and what a great lover he was, Bob said seeing James toy buried all the way in my body was too much for him and hurry up Sat.

Well Sat. finally came and we had a room reserved at a Holiday Inn and we arrived at PM, the earliest we could check in, we were anxious. After we showered I sat on the bed and called James, he answered right away, I told him I had showered to be fresh for him, and was now naked in bed waiting for him in roomhe said he would be in the parking lot in ten minutes and hung up.

I turned to Bob and told him when he would be knocking on he door, then asked him to hold me and we lay in each others arms and kissed, then he began sucking on my nipples, after a while I asked him to stop, I can cum with my tits being sucked and I wanted my first orgasm to be with James cock deep in my pussy, then there was James at the door, Bob started to get up but I pulled him to me.

kissed him and told him I loved him and thanks for what was going to happen.

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Bob let James in and there I was lying on my back with one hand squeezing my tits, and the other rubbing my pussy. James got out of his clothes in a second and was in the bed holding me and kissing my breasts, what is it with you guys and tits, I could feel his cock growing against my leg, he started to lick my pussy but I told him I was in charge until I told him different so lay on your back I want to I lowered my pussy on his face and I began to just hold his cock and look at it.

It was the first one other than Bob's I had ever seen, let alone touched and it was phenomenal, big black and thick, it must have been almost a foot long. I began to stroke it, and sucked it into my mouth, I had to stretch my mouth to get it in but I was a determined lady, and it was great.

I felt it swell up tight so I quit and told him not to cum, the first one had to be deep in my body, he said well you better let me fuck you now or stop sucking so hard. I told Bob to fuck me and cum in my pussy so James cock would slid in easier. I started to get up but James held me and asked Bob to fuck me while he licked my clit, it sounded great to me so thats what we did. Bob didn't last long, and I lay down and James started to enter me.

Bob was laying on the foot of the king size bed with the video camera watching James cock slowly push in. Bob said baby don't you wish James was twins so you could have two of him? I said hell yeah, James said he didn't have a twin but he had two brothers, I replied I would love to meet themhe said do you really mean that, hell yes I said while he plowed my little cunt with his pole, I was so hot I would have said anything.

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James said make that call Bob, my cell is on the table just press call. Bob did and I heard him say we are in room come on up. The thought came in my head so thats what he wanted to ask James, and I was glad he did.

taste what that

In a minute they knocked on the door and Bob let them in. I asked James what their names were, and were their cocks as big as his, their names were John, and Jason, John's cock was like his, and Jason's was a little longer. I said well boys get those clothes off and come to mama, and do as I say until I am ready to give control to you guys. I told them to suck my tits while James continued to fuck me. I felt my orgasm coming and yelled I'm cumming, and really began to hump back at James, James said oh my lord so am I and his cock began to jerk inside me and it felt like a fire hose went off inside my body, and just kept on pumping and pumping, James was right I was surprised how much he had saved for me, and when it finally stopped jerking we just lay there getting our breath back.

The boys were kneeling beside us watching and jerking their cocks, I told them to stop that right now, that cum was to be deposited inside my pussy.

Jason said I hope you never get tired, and what do you want us to do to you. I got on my knees and told Jason to put that long cock in my pussy, Bob was videoing and I hoped not missing anything, especially that foot long plus cock disappearing in my cunt. I told John to give me his cock to suck while his brother was fucking me but not to let me make him cum cause it had to be in my cunt also, meanwhile James was teasing my nipples and I was in heaven again.

I was so glad this was going to be on a video so I could relive this forever, I didn't realize it at the time, but this was going to be a regular thing. The boys might as well make me their mama, cause mama was going to take care of them for a long time.

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Jason's cock was so long I really didn't think I could take it all, but after what was a long wonderful fuck I felt his balls slapping my ass and knew he was all the way in. I was begging him to fuck me faster and deep as he could all the while loving John's cock in my mouth. My ass would shake every time Jason would drive that pole all the way home and they talked about how sexy my ass was, I told them they could all fuck my ass after everyone had cum in my pussy.

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I shoot my load in Candie's ass.

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