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Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time 7 Days 30 Days All Time. A Royal Substitute The Manda'lor is stuck in meetings. Boba and Yuli have fun. Killer Mutant Sluts Ch. A Tentacled Lockerroom by the Co-Op Tentacles tie Sam up in the locker room.

A Royal Dilemma Din, Boba and Yuli find time to bond after Din collapses. A Royal Lineage The eggs arrive.

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Din and Boba celebrate while Yuli rests. A Royal Interlude Yuli's body is changing.

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Din shows her just how sexy she is. A Royal Rendezvous Feelings surface and Boba hides. Din wants an apology. A Royal Hunt Boba Fett is on the hunt.

His prey: the Manda'lor. A Tentacled Break-In at the Co-Op Lucinda bites off more than she can chew with tentacles. Hekatonkheires A tentacle creature reflects on an unusual courtship. A Tentacled Friday at the Co-Op Dinah starts her weekend off right with lots of tentacles! Andrea Andrea's love for her plants is returned! Mistaken Delivery Mysterious box leads to a nightmare of tentacle exploration.

Bloodsong Ch. Leela and the Tentacles Leela has an encounter with tentacles on a derelict ship. Cryptid Collection Ch.

Tendrils in the Dark An adverse reaction leads to pleasure from horrors. A Return to the Hive Morissa Jiraan is caught by the queen of the hive. I Married a Heptapod A Sweet Young Girl and a battle-hardened Space Marine. Warmth A house-sitter finds that her boss has left her with a gift.

Tenticle sex stories

The Mutant Sexmaniac and The Dusky A mutant fucks a dusky beauty. Tentacle Relocation A young biologist must relocate some tentacle creatures.

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Tentacle Breeding Young Ava saves an endangered species by carrying their eggs. A Meeting at Sea Layla rows out to her tentacled lover under a starry sky. So I Found a Hot Spring in a Cave Our intrepid hiker finds a spring and some slimy friends! A Waking Dream A nanny's dream becomes reality. The Legend of Kara Khal Ch.

And it's horny. This ain't Lost in Space XXX Ch. Planet of the Tentacons Can Talia escape the tentacled lords of a distant planet? A Treat Turns Tricks Ch. Adventures of a Junior Super Hero Ch. Supernatural Earth Pt. Adventures of a Junior Super Hero Artemis is way out of her league at the botanical gardens. Bug Control: Full Invasion The bugs counter attack.

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Victim of the Pitcher A young man falls into the grips of a plant. Deep in the Woods Emily stumbles upon a tentacle creature in the woods.

Tentacle Monster/Original Character(s) (61) Carlos/Cecil Palmer (61) Original Female Character/Original Female Character (45) Eddie Brock & Venom Symbiote (43) Include Additional Tags Tentacle Sex Tentacles Anal Sex Tentacle Rape Consentacles Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot Oral Sex They don't make you wait long. Two tentacles the size of normal cocks slide up to your holes and begin to enter your pussy and ass. The one in your pussy stops when it hits the back, the one in your ass stopping roughly the same distance. Then, ever so slowly, they start to move in and out like the one in your mouth Tentacle Debauchery. Irie squirmed while the thick tentacle snaked its way up her leg. Her arms, held behind her back by thin tendrils tightly wrapped around her wrists, strained against their bounds. She had been positioned a few ways, suspended by her arms, flat on her back, before she was put down on her knees

The Harvest Ch. Horror on the Beach Ch. Bred by the Tentacle! A horny alien impregnates the ship's commander.

The House Pt. Project Tendril Ch. Space Zoo Katie and her cousins bring a new master to the zoo. The Harvest A human teeters between becoming dinner or entertainment. Challenge One of them is bait.

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Be Prepared - For Anything How do you prepare for a bioengineered monster? Invasion of the Pussy-Snatchers Act Outro The Queen reveals her secrets and her nefarious plots.

She barely felt the first touch of the tree roots, and even when she did she attributed the touch to her movements, not that of the roots.

In a moment it was too late, they had encircled her ankles. She looked down in surprise. In fact, they are very fast and stealthy. Shit, Carson, get this fucker off me!

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She found both feet solidly entangled by strong roots. Carson tried to turn, and found one of his own feet snagged by roots. One of those damned limbs is trying to get inside my pussy. Normally she was vocally against carrying such instruments of destruction, but at the moment she leaned more toward self-preservation.

Now I wish that I had. Emily watched as the root began to bend, then sat up like a snake about to strike. And like the snake, it suddenly did strike. She felt the softened, slimy end shoot up her pussy. The force of the strike knocked her down. With a woof of expelled air, she looked up at the pale gray sky above her.

The next thing she felt was a second tentacle snaking up her ass. The tentacle up her ass began to pump out shit. It was not exactly uncomfortable, just different.

Tentacles wormed their way into her waiting ass and cunt, eliciting a wail from Mila as she was roughly penetrated. "Master, please be gentle!" she cried out as the tentacles expanded within her to the point of slightly stretching both holes. The creature was not being gentle in the least little bit with her   Free Sex Stories & Erotic Stories @ ivey2020.com "No rest for the weary." she said quietly Alexis sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose in a vain attempt to rub some of the tiredness out of her system. After a 16 hour shift she was ready to go home and crawl into bed for the next 10 years. Sadly that wasn't really an option since she had to Free Sex Stories Collection. YOUR TENTACLES by Rated %, Read times, Posted Sat 30th of May Science-Fiction, Alien Laura & The Thing In The Woods (A Tentacle Story) by taysamtx «Laura is board and rebellious and wanders too far into the woods by her house only to uncounted far more than she expected

She suddenly found that she was paralyzed. She could still feel the lower half of her body, but she could not move it.

[ANIME] If cows and humans changed places[MANGA]

She could feel the tentacle inside her pussy enlarging to fill every crack and void. As it finished it began to pulse.

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This was not unpleasant at all, in fact it was extremely pleasant. It seemed to gently rock inside her. She felt her pussy and ass heating up. She unconsciously pushed her ass toward the roots, meeting their thrusts with thrusts of her own. Roots or not, they felt good. In fact they were very good lovers. She believed part of the wonderful feeling could be attributed to chemicals in the root itself.

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It seemed to be well-adapted to large animal life. They knew just where to probe and feed, and now to stimulate an orgasm as well. She felt her orgasm beginning to heat up.

As her pussy secreted more juices, and generated more heat, she felt the tentacle growing more excited.

It generated great heat, and excitement inside her pussy. In no time at all she felt her first orgasm explode. Her entire lower body was on fire now. The tentacles seemed to be generating some type of aphrodisiac. She was more excited than ever before in her life. She was suddenly frightened as the second methodical pumping attack began on her loins. Get me out of here.

He sawed through the tough roots one bundle at a time, until it jerked back and withered, shooting blood from the severed ends. He half expected to hear a scream, but there was only silence around them.

He turned to find Emily, sexily naked from the waist down, being pumped by excited root-like tentacles. He forced the roots around his ankle to turn enough to face toward her. He squatted on the ground and watched. She was panting and pumping her pussy against the tentacle. It was obvious that she was enjoying it.

The Manda'lor is stuck in meetings. Boba and Yuli have fun. Commotion in Sub-Basement 41, Escape from the Red Lounge. Tentacles tie Sam up in the locker room. Din, Boba and Yuli find time to bond after Din collapses. and other exciting erotic stories at ivey2020.com!   bondage cavewoman jungle tentacle tentacle sex P. pyramid New member. May 10, #1 I love tentacle stories. Reactions: meloman, Rangeela G, 8MusesXXX and 5 others. redfrog Member. May 10, #2 If you like this, check the version with dialogue added   Tentacles. A huge orange sun glowed in the iron gray sky above a small, jungle-shrouded planet. Three planets shadowed the weak light of the dying sun, spreading around it like stepping stones, or the spread of a winning hand in a poker game. A gentle breeze ruffled the umbrella-like canopy in the top of a foot tall tree

Feeling suddenly exhausted, she closed her eyes and leaned back, allowing the tentacles to do all the work. Somehow, they had learned the art of lovemaking to a high degree. Emily began to suspect that she now knew what had killed off the animal life. They had died as she would, fucking a greedy, lecherous parasitical plant that would milk her of all her bodily fluids, and leave her shriveled body to rot in the dirt. You are one beautiful slut.

Even you pussy hair glitters gold in the sunlight. I would give anything to eat that pussy of yours. He suddenly remembered a pack of matches in his survival kit.

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He dug into the pocket on the side of his leg. It took only a moment to find the green box and paw it open.

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He lit his first match and touched it to the roots. The roots seemed to ignore it.

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He dropped the spent match, gathered up small sticks and grass, and built a pile beneath the bundle of tough roots. This time the fire flared up around the root, it withered, tightened briefly, then released his ankle.


Carson hurried over to Emily, and alternately watched the tentacles sucking her pussy dry, while he built the pile of grass beneath it.

Emily had her eyes closed. She was thrusting mightily against the tentacles. Her pussy looked wet and delicious in the dim sunlight. He was tempted to bend down and insert a finger.

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