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Is there some ancient secret that can multiply your sexual experience? Is there any truth to the myth of "transcendental sex? I think you'll like the answer. To experience everything on earth can require many lifetimes. To shorten the process of birth and rebirth into flesh or just the process of regretting missing out on life, You've got to get to a point where you can truly say, "I've done it all. So to have a complete and full earthly carnal experience, there's a lot to learn and a lot more to do. Learning how to have explosive karmic sex is not a shabby place to go from here.

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My husband and I have done this on a few occasions and it is truly refreshing and exhilerating! It almost as if our souls connect and extend into each other. No other way of having sexual intercourse can give you that, even if your intoxicated. It's mind blowing! Someone needs to get on the ball annd monitoring these posts properly, removing the moronic comments left by some.

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They do nothing to enhnace the discussion and in fact, take away from the validity of the sight. Not impressed. I am on the ball and do monitor the posts properly.

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No comment is posted without my approval. I do not post abusive or spam comments, but otherwise, I allow people their right to be morons. It's called free speech. I love your brief description, I have met who I believe will be the love of my life, and I encouraged him to read up on the subject. He's been reviewing online info like this, and it has heightened both of our anticipation of joy and harmoneous times to come.

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Very informative and quite encouraging for a beginner. I picked up a kama sutra book once and was completely overwhelmed; this discouraging further exploration of tantric sex. Thank you for re-opening the doors :.

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Building up sexual tension is a good idea if your ejaculatory control is good. If you're prone to premature ejaculation when you're sexually excited, it isn't. madam jennifferi had sexual intercourse with a number of women ,i can enjoy the preliminary stages like kissingmassaging etc. but in fact i cant really enjoy the intercourse.

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when i put my organ to theirs i cant feel anything. but in case of self masturbation i can hold it even for one hour,and i enjoy it very much. can you give me any methods for making my intercourse a big pleasure.

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You will need to stop masturbating. You have trained yourself only to respond to a grip tighter than any vagina is likely to be able to grip. Your nerves have been overstimulated, so now they can't respond to more subtle sensations.

Theres a hardwired mammalaian brain circuit which flips us into alpha states when we esp men look at a yoni it is by natures design the most powerful of yantras Tantra is an ancient path of meditation with roots in both Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist spirituality.

It is called the "Royal Path" because, in ancient times, Tantra was thespiritual path taken only by those who had mastered all other paths. Tantric writings date back over 5, years and are still used in many modern meditation teachings today. Of these writings, perhaps the best known is the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

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The Vigyan Bhairav is a Hindu Tantric text which consists of meditations designed specifically to center, to bring the meditator to a single point of focus, that point being this moment, and this moment only. It has been said that Tantra is the fast track to enlightenment by virtue of the sophistication required to practice its meditations.

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It is the Tantric's ability to surrender to the paradox of duality in every moment that hones him or her to the sharpness of adeptdom. Of the Tantric meditations given in the Vigyan Bhairav, only 3 of these are sexual meditations.

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So, why the focus on sex in Tantra? Why are so many Tantric explorations begun in the sexual realm?

  Tantric Sex - How to Have Transcendental Sex - $19 Premium Content. To experience everything on earth can require many lifetimes. To shorten the process of birth and rebirth into flesh or just the process of regretting missing out on life, You've   "Tantric sex is about healing the relationship we have with ourselves, our bodies and our sexual nature, healing our hearts, our relationships with others and remembering our essential true nature or spirit," says Leora Linchi, one of the first practitioners and instructors in Tantric sex in London. "Tantric sex is an art, like music or dancing   Tantric Sex Yoga. Yoni Puja, Yoni Gazing, Yoni Meditation. Yoni Puja is worship par excellence and by omitting it every other puja is rendered useless. For this present Yuga the part of Sakthi's body worshiped is the Yoni. Thus, Devi is worshiped only with regards to her Yoni. This path was hidden and lost for over years

If Tantra is a science of meditation that includes all of life and living, why do the teachers of modern times bring so much emphasis to the sexual cts of the path? It's true that Tantra views every facet of human experience, including sex, as potential for personal transformation and self-actualization. For the Tantric, life is a meditation. Every activity.

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eating, drinking, breathing, dancing, making love. can be entered into with awareness, bringing a quality of meditation into even these simplest of acts. Yet, theemphasis given to sex and sexual ecstasy within Tantra today is cause for much controversy. Yes, sex is a basic human experience; in fact, none of us would be here without it, but isn't all the focus on sex in Tantra today just a hedonistic indulgence for spiritual gluttons?

Truly, sex is a very important part of human life for the purpose of procreation, but sex as meditation?

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What does sex have to do with Tantra? Because Tantra finds its momentum in surfing the abyss created by duality, what better more challenging - abyss than that of yin and yang?

  Although the number of Tantric texts that deal directly with sexual activity is quite small, most Westerners associate Tantra with love, sex, and relationships. While Western ideas about Tantra are thus somewhat misguided, if you can bring a Tantric sensibility to love and relationship, your love life will be richer and more ivey2020.comted Reading Time: 5 mins 10 Tantric Sex Secrets for More Spiritual Sex. The Tantric Ejaculation Control Technique. 5 Secrets of Tantric Sex. Tantra for Women: Jade Egg Exercises to Tighten Your Vagina. 4 Tantric Sex Techniques to Prolong Lovemaking. Sexual Healing: The Male Deer   Although anal sex has been been a part of human sexuality since ancient times, couples exploring Tantric sex are not likely to find much information about anal sex and might conclude, therefore, that anal sex isn't ivey2020.comr, that isn't true. In fact, anal sex fits well within the Tantric tradition and facilitates several goals of Tantric sex

That chasm between action and receptivity? The basic duality of being alive. And what better place to dive in and experience it all than in sexual orgasm?

  Lost Tantric Sex Rituals Rituals of many kinds have been an important part of the Tantric tradition since the very beginning. Tantrics practiced rituals of many types, including many that were totally innocent and not related to sex in any way   Tantric sex is not a different type of sexual activities. The approach to reach climax is different. It will allow you to enjoy sex and life in a different way. In my next writing I will discuss more on this topic. HAPPY READING   Tantric sex attempts to bring two loving partners together in more than just a physical manner. The word Tantra is Sanskrit and is derived from the root word tan meaning "to extend, expand, spread, continue, spin out, weave, to put forth or manifest." The idea is to extend your mind and encompass your body to achieve the ultimate satisfaction

No other human experience demands such a tenuous balance between focused activity and total surrender. And there is such power in it, so much of life and death in it. To enter this moment with total awareness, to taste the orgasm as meditation, is to invite the abyss within.

to experience the chasm fully. Intimacy with reality brings to the meditator the direct experience of oneness. Not oneness as a concept. Not oneness as an attainment.

But oneness as a living reality, as the natural state of the universe, oneness felt through the human senses. The meditations of Tantra center, for the most part, around the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, tastes and touch.

It is through these five senses that we experience our world. Our senses bring the world "inside" us and make it possible for us to interact with it intimately. Each of our senses has yin qualities and yang qualities.

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In order to taste one must take a bite, in order to hear one must listen, to see one must look. Sensual, and very sexual. To enter and be entered, the weaving of the two bringing forth a third quality that cannot exist with out the other two.

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The flavor cannot exist without the meeting of the fruit and the mouth. the color cannot exist without the meeting of the rainbow and the eye.

and orgasm itself cannot exist without the meeting of desire and fulfillment. The polarity of the opposites reveals the single point of the center and delivers it to the Tantric via the doorway of the senses in every moment of living, in every activity of life. Tantra seeks not to encourage nor deny free sexual expression and sexual experience,Tantra simply acknowledges that, as human beings, we are sexual beings.

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