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Spoiler: It's not as crazy as you think. Experts share what tantric sex is, exactly, and how to enjoy tantric sex solo or with others. You've likely heard the phrase a million times before - but what is tantric sex, exactly? To understand what tantric sex is, first, you need to get to know tantra. Tantra is an ancient spiritual belief system that originated in India and has been around for thousands of years. Historically, sex was only a very very small piece of the tantra pie; however, people have zeroed in on this portion, likely because it awesomely aims to replace feelings of shame around sex with deeper, more pleasurable feelings, says Martin.

Committed relationship allows the couple to form emotional attachment. Such focus puts the couple into a state where they feel exclusive for each other and hence build up connections that is much deeper than physical.

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In fact, personally, I feel that the process is a long foreplay that leads to an exploding PIV climax. But when you are married and committed to your wife, things will be different when sex need not be rushed, neither does foreplay need to be oral or manual or kissing or hugging but a romantic dinner, enjoying a wine in the garden.

Source: partydelights. Here's a great advice from ShaktiAmarantha on how to start:. However, the the first few times you try the couple meditation it will help you stay in synch if you take a minute or two to cuddle and talk quietly about the experience - how it felt, whether you want to try anything different next time, and so on - before shifting gears to more sexual activities.

After the first few times, you can go from meditation right into foreplay and then try starting PIV with a few minutes of yab-yum, so you transition from one form of couple meditation to another before active sex. Alternatively, if you have time, you can go from couple meditation into giving your wife a massage, and segue from there into normal sex.

Again, this depends on time and on how comfortable the whole process is for both of you. Ditto if you are new to meditation, but it still seems to come naturally to both of you.

Tantric sex positions include techniques that help you make a spiritual connection with yourself or your partner. Learn more about variations and common myths While often synonymous with sex, tantra is really about connection - whether that's with yourself or between you and a partner. When you learn and practice tantra, you become more in tune with Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins Historically, sex was only a very very small piece of the tantra pie; however, people have zeroed in on this portion, likely because it awesomely aims to replace feelings of shame around sex with deeper, more pleasurable feelings, says Martin. "Tantra gives people the opportunity to put sacredness, intimacy, and gratitude back into their sex lives," she ivey2020.comted Reading Time: 6 mins

Z and I learned tantra with much less in the way of a guide, so we sort of fumbled our way along and went very slowly through the learning process. The main point in splitting the steps up and learning them separately at the beginning is just getting the mechanics out of the way and making them into an easy routine.

Also, quite a few of the couples I learned from reversed the learning process, starting right in with separate massages and PIV, and then adding the preparation steps later, and they seemed to do fine.

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So feel free to mix things up might want to consider sounding as seems best for you. Here are the best ones I've found shared by other tantric practitioners:.

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This lead to a mutual sensation building up between us that was completely new to both of us. We actually screwed up and she fell off and the sensation completely disappeared, but we got right back to it and had a really incredible shared orgasm.

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We had were making very passionate love, breathing together, and getting really into it. This time a sensation started to grow in my chest. It felt like I was exhaling into her chest, and she into mine. We were both completely shocked by the whole experience, and spent the rest of the night doing it over and over again. She felt like these orgasms could go on forever, the first one actually lasted for about 10 minutes. Source: drduke.


I had two things in mind, learning to please a woman better and ejaculation control. She continued with a regular massage with her hands getting closer to my junk than is normal in a regular massage. As she was masturbating me she was explaining the PC muscles and where they were and how I could control them. Anytime I felt like I was coming close she told me to tighten them and she stopped.

We did end it before I came, but on the way home I was fully charged up.

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I felt like I had lightning running through my veins. It was pretty amazing.

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So do a bit of research first. I think its worth it to try out a time or two, and give it an honest shot. Source: Qikdraw. Let me close out by sharing TantraGirl story on how she went about learning Tantric sex:.

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I was, to put it tactfully, a lot more experienced, but I had my own problem that was the opposite of his: I take a long time to get aroused and I had never had an orgasm of any kind with any of my previous BFs. We met on the job and were work partners and best friends for a year before we started dating and tumbled into bed. For the first part, we started meditating daily and we did Sensate Focus Therapy SFT every week for 5 or 6 months. SFT is a structured form of sensual massage that is the basis for several kinds of sex therapy, including therapy for PE and anorgasmia, and it worked really well for both of us.

While we were doing that, we also experimented with toys and positions and techniques. He figured out what I respond to best in terms of fingering, oral, and vibrator use.

The Tantra Chair is the original, authentic Kama Sutra Divan designed to vastly enhance your lovemaking experience. Recognized as the world's most beautiful and functional sex furniture design, The Tantra Chair has been changing the lovemaking experience for forward-thinking couples since Enjoy new and exciting sexual positions with Welcome to The Tantra Chair Films. We recommend that you watch our "How It Works" film to see how The Tantra Chair is changing the lovemaking experience "Tantric sex a slowed-down, awe-inspiring, super hot way of having sex," says tantra expert Barbara Carrellas, a certified sexologist and author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century. "Tantra is the way you do something, it's the principle you apply. So, really, you can do any activity-and any sex position-tantrically."Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

By doing all of these things we solved our opposite orgasm problems and discovered a lot of new things that were pretty great. Then it kinda plateaued for a bit until I met Shakti and discovered that she and her guy practice a secular kind of tantric sex.

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I had been curious about tantra for some time, but I was also put off by all the spiritual jargon that people use when they talk about it. Because why not? All of those are important parts of this kind of tantric sex, so it was fairly easy to combine them in a new way and get fairly fast results.

Once she had done it for us, she turned her outlines into an online handbook for couples who want to learn tantra together. That first week we did the couple meditation routine every night before bed.

We also tried the yab-yum and inverted missionary positions out, supposedly to try the third kind of meditation, but really just getting familiar with getting into the position and experiencing what it felt like to be motionless with penetration before regular PIV.

Then we met with Shakti and talked about how it went and how everything felt, and she gave us some suggestions and helped explain what not to do. We repeated that cycle for two more weeks and then went for the whole sequence the last weekend of our first month.

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The benefit of splitting the massages at the beginning was getting the physical routine streamlined and in our heads without thinking ahead to the next massage. By the third and fourth weekends, we knew what we were doing in what order and what everything was going to feel like, so it all went much more smoothly.

Without any question, the hardest part for both of us was keeping physically relaxed while also learning to control the focus of our attention internally while receiving a long tantric massage. I would have said that Bud and I were as close as any two people can be after 5 years together. But doing tantra made our feelings for each other deeper as well as stronger.

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Source: TantraGirl. Ohand check out this small, friendly TantricSex Sub. What is Tantric Sex? How To Have Tantric Sex? Where Do You Begin? What are The Best Tantra Love Techniques? How Tantric Massage Feels Like What Is The Best Tantric Love Music? Bringing It All Together. Legit, orgasm is waaaaay secondary. Go boldly, but tread lightly. The primary intention of using a baseball stitch is to enhance the strength and integrity of the design. The baseball stitching also creates a gentle contrast that highlights the elegant curvature of the Tantra Chair.

So, you and your partner have done your research on tantric sex, and have decided you want to try some tantric sex positions in the bedroom.(If you don't have any idea what Tantra is, you might Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins Tantric sex isn't about sex positions. The first thing you might want to do is take a breath, relax and be present with your loved one. It's not a competition, you don't have to "show him a thing or two", it's not about tricks or techniques as much as your attitude Different Tantric/Yoga Positions. When you are finally ready to get to the next level, there are simple tantric massage positions that are perfect for beginners. Depending on your flexibility level, you are able to modify the poses based on your liking and comfort

ABOUT DESIGN Choose color. Your Tantra Chair can be created with your choice of three different decorative nail head options.

You can choose a pewter color pictured which is a dull silver and gives the design a more modern appeal. We also have an antiqued brass option which is considered to be a more traditional look or you may choose no nail heads at all for an ultra-modern decor. You can select your nail head options in our configurator on the buy now page. choose nail heads choose color. We designed and developed this Kama Sutra Chair by testing it with real adult couples of all sizes, shapes, ages, and variables.

Every dimension and angle is intended to have a specific purpose or function.

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Our patented dimensions are designed to create a nurturing, supportive and elevated lovemaking experience. dual arc design Film Gallery.

Are you wondering where to put your new Tantra Chair? The most common place is your bedroom however, many of our customers create a sacred space centered around their new chair.

Regardless of your preferences, having The Tantra Chair in your life will absolutely invite you to engage intimately much more often.

A creative and evolving sex life equates to a happier and healthier relationship. faq Film Gallery. The Tantra Chair Explore The Kama Sutra.

The Patented Design See How it works. Make Love Better SEE HOW IT WORKS.

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Design Dual Arc System Films See How it Works Buy Now The Authentic Design. The Tantra Chair The Tantra Chair is the original, authentic Kama Sutra Divan designed to vastly enhance your lovemaking experience. Be Creative! Dual Arc Design This revolutionary sex chair functions by displacing the weight of two people and changing the pelvic angles during the lovemaking experience. Number More About Design.

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The Authentic, Original and Patented Design Your Pathway to a More Expansive and Conscious Lovemaking Experience. Choose Your Own Tantra Chair Now!

Position Guide Advanced Lovemaking Positions The Tantra Chair is the first and original sex furniture design to incorporate a patented, dual arc system that emulates the natural curvature of the human form. Nail Head Options Decorative Nail Heads For Interior Design Your Tantra Chair can be created with your choice of three different decorative nail head options.

Dimensions We Designed The Tantra Chair the Right Way! Decor Beautiful in Every Setting Are you wondering where to put your new Tantra Chair?

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