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Almost every condition under the sun was featured in this show - they even had a penis special! I get that this was in the interest of education, but like, why would you choose to strip off for millions of viewers when the GP is right there?! The show covered pretty much everything you could think of - suspicious spots on the bum, concerning rashes, and "problematic penises" to name a few. The show follows pairs of couples, friends, or family members signing up to get mystery tattoos designed by the other person. There's usually a funny backstory that explains the reasoning behind their designs, so naturally, boobs and bums are commonly chosen canvasses. Where was HR?! The aim of the game was to get the contestants to shed their insecurities.

  Wendy Williams' nude photos are no tabloid scandal, though they're still a bit scandalous!The racy images of the talk-show host wearing not

They admit getting naked for an interview "isn't everybody's cup of tea". But then "you relax a bit and there's a real trust, because to get naked with someone is quite a big deal". But it didn't deter their guests, who include a life model, a self-proclaimed "poo lady" with inflammatory bowel disease and an ostomy bag, and a Muslim woman who said the first naked person she saw was her husband, after they got married.

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Getting naked isn't a new gimmick though, and it's been done for TV shows and films including Naked Attraction, How to Look Good Naked and The Full Monty. One of the saddest things to emerge from the podcasts was "how many of the women were down on themselves and their bodies," she says.

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Jenny is quick to add that there were some "hilarious" moments too, including them asking the women what name they gave to their "bits" when they were younger. They also asked a former Miss Sheffield in her late 20s how she felt about her body, with Jenny revealing: "She absolutely loves the idea of her fake breasts.

    15 British TV Shows That Have Shocking Amounts Of Nudity In Them. Anyone expecting a nude beauty pageant would've be disappointed because the title of this show was somewhat misleading The Hunger (-) William Cobb comes to New Orleans during Mardi Gras and falls in love with a beautiful woman with has a strange old man as a companion. Here true nature is revealed after a night of passion. Director: Russell Mulcahy | Stars: Terence Stamp, Philip Casnoff, Celine Bonnier, Leonardo Cimino   The Ricki Lake Show has won daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host award. Read More Read Less. See more of: Ricki Lake. 28 / 30 Kelly Ripa has always been

But one serious issue to continually emerge was the impact parents can have on their children's body image. Jenny adds: "One lady said the fact her mum was constantly on a diet shaped how she felt about her body growing up, and acceptance of how she looked. Diets and body confidence come up quite a lot during the podcasts.

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One interviewee, Julia, spoke about her weight going up and down her whole life. Isma, who grew up in a Muslim household, recalled finding sex education lessons at school difficult "as she had to imagine your parents having sex". Kat speaks movingly about life drawing model Alison, who was one of their guests and who talked about growing up in a strict religious household, where subjects like sex were never discussed.

Alison didn't get an apology until many years later, when her mother was on her deathbed. These revealing chats take place either in Jenny or Kat's homes, or somewhere the interviewees find comfortable, such as in an art studio for Alison.

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It was "really hard" stripping off, but she feels "so strong and happy and powerful". I've not had the test," she says.

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The aim of the game was to get the contestants to shed their insecurities. And how do you do thatI hear you ask.

  A Canadian talk show host removed her shirt and bared her naked chest during an interview with her city's mayor on Sunday, as a way to promote a woman's "right" to go topless in public. Lori Welbourne, host of "On the Rocks Talk," was conducting an interview with Kelowna Mayor Walter Gray when she suddenly took off her shirt, revealing her bare breEstimated Reading Time: 2 mins   The BBC reporters who strip off to host The Naked Podcast. and it's been done for TV shows and films including Naked Attraction, 'We don't talk about things like that'."     Yet another show with a concept just begging for nude scenes. Created by David Simon and George Pelecanos, the same people who brought you The Wire, The Deuce follows life in Manhattan during the

Well, they were set challenges, which included doing a Full Monty strip and posing for a life drawing class. This episode, where she stripped off in an effort to reveal the impossible beauty standards set by the media, was arguably the most risque instalment of the series where Dawn explored various things, including childbirth and "the world of lesbianism,". I'm not totally sure what the message of this show was meant to be, but it had some pretty fun episode titles, including "Topless in Turnham Green", "Stripped in Spitalfields," and "Bare-arsed in Bloomsbury.

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To be honest, Gok taught us all about the confidence and the show ran for five seasons, so he must have been doing something right. Anyone expecting a nude beauty pageant would've be disappointed because the title of this show was somewhat misleading - It was all about the contestants flaunting what they've got.

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The focus was on body positivity, but in true Gok style, there was a bare chest or two on display. If you hadn't already deduced, the show followed some couples who, on a quest to spice up their relationships, filmed themselves doing the deed.

Oh, but that's not all, they also shared their sex tapes for feedback and tips.

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This was a look into the weird and wonderful world of naked calendars, all made in the name of charity. If you're British, you're probably very familiar with this phenomenon, and if you're not, you're probably a bit confused as to why mums are baring it all for photoshoots.

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If you've ever wondered what it was like to get tattooed on your penis, boob, or below the panty-line, look no further. Oh and that's not all, the show also focuses on people who like getting explicitly designed tats.

Nudity for all! Led by a psychologist and a body image expert, the contestants were encouraged to learn to accept their hang-ups, from stretch marks, to vitiligo, to sporting injuries.

When Contestants Get NAKED On Live TV!

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