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Bonnar was suspended for nine months by the NSAC. Drug testing is the responsibility of the state athletic commissions, not the responsibility of the UFC, Pride, or any other specific MMA promotion. However, in the cases of big promotions like Zuffa or Dream Stage Entertainment, they could easily afford to pay for every fighter to be drug tested on every card with the revenue generated from less than tickets sold.

At Pride's first event in the United States, which took place in Las Vegas on October 21st of last year, ten of the sixteen fighters on the card were drug tested. The fighters who were drug tested and passed their tests were Fedor Emelianenko, Mark Coleman, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Josh Barnett, Dan Henderson, Phil Baroni, and Yosuke Nishijima. However, three fighters on the card failed their drug tests: Vitor Belfort, Pawel Nastula, and Kevin Randleman.

Belfort tested positive for the anabolic steroid 4-hydroxytestosterone and was suspended for nine months by the NSAC. Nastula tested positive for the anabolic steroid nandrolone and also for the banned stimulants phenylpropanolamine, pseudoephedrine, and ephedrine; Nastula was suspended by the NSAC for nine months. Randleman admitted to submitting a fake urine sample due to the large amount of painkillers and antibiotics that he was taking at the time, as well as the fact that he had a potentially life-threatening lung infection.

At a discplinary hearing last month, the NSAC revoked Randleman's license as a fighter. In addition to passing a drug test, Randleman will have to personally appear in front of the NSAC and provide medical evidence that he is completely healthy before he can fight again, and he is not eligible to do so until at least October At Pride's second event in the United States, which took place in Las Vegas on February 24th, ten of the eighteen fighters on the card were drug tested.

The fighters who were drug tested and passed their tests were Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, Takanori Gomi, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Alistair Overeem, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, Joachim Hansen, and Jason Ireland.

However, Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana. Diaz has not yet had his Nevada State Athletic Commission disciplinary hearing. At the first Zuffa-owned WEC event in Las Vegas on January 20th, six of the eighteen fighters on the card were drug tested: Urijah Faber, Joe Pearson, Rob McCullough, Kit Cope, Rich Crunkilton, and Mike Joy. Faber, McCullough, Crunkilton, and Joy passed all of their drug tests.

However, Cope tested positive for the illegal anabolic steroid Boldenone, and Pearson tested positive for the active ingredient in marijuana. Cope and Pearson have not yet had their NSAC disciplinary hearings.

In one of the most entertaining and competitive fights of the year, it was disappointing to see the rematch duplicate the same anti-climactic result. Urushitani landed the better shots on their feet in the first round, connecting with a couple of flying knees and right hooks.

The champion spent the last minute on his back while the challenger threw strikes from the guard. In the final round, the fight retained this same quick pace and saw some clinch work in the corner of the ring. Urushitani scrambled back to his feet and landed the more effective strikes for the remainder of the fight.

Rumina Sato rebounded from a loss to Antonio Carvalho with a victory over Augusto Frota Guimaraes. Murofushi landed a knee that put Ishii down shortly after a minute into the first round. Kadowaki, a former Shooto pound Rookie Champion, controlled the first two rounds with ground control while Nishiura failed to connect with his punches. MMAWeekly scored the fight two rounds to one in favor of Hideki Kadowaki.

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As reported on MMAWeekly in an interview with Antonio Carvalho, Shooto officially announced a match between Antonio Carvalho and Hatsu Hioki for a May 17th card. Also, AACC fighter Masatoshi Abe will face Daniel Otero. Katsuya Murofushi - Decision, RD2 Yoshitaro Niimi def. Ivan Mussardo - TKO, RD2 Shinya Murofushi def. So Tazawa - Submission Brabo ChokeRD3 Akiyo "Wicky" Nishiura def.

Hideki Kadowaki - Split Decision, RD3 Rumina Sato def. UFC's The Ultimate Fighter season 6 welterweight fighter tryouts will be held at the Palms Hotel and Casino, Tuesday, April 10th beginning at 8am PT. If you'd like to compete for a spot on the next season, fill out the application and send it to the address on the application.

It must be postmarked no later than April 7th. Click here to download the fighter application. By Sam Caplan By the sheer nature of their occupation, fighters face a great deal of adversity during their careers. But Joe "Diesel" Riggs has faced more obstacles than most. Riggs, a talented fighter who was ticketed for super stardom, has failed to live up to the expectations of many. Despite possessing an impressive career MMA record ofRiggs has been treading water since Novemberposting a record of Give him credit, though: The man known to many as "Diesel" has not been fed a steady diet of cupcakes, having fought the likes of Matt Hughes, Nick Diaz, Mike Swick, and Diego Sanchez over the course of his last five fights.

Riggs' struggle extends beyond tough recent losses to Hughes, Swick and Sanchez. This is a man who by his own admission once weighed pounds. And it was just last summer when he and his wife had to endure a parent's worst nightmare: the death of their infant son.

That would have sent most people into a tailspin, but not Riggs. After taking a few months off to mourn, he resumed the sport he loves and used it as a way to help him through the tragedy.

The latest chapter in Riggs' storied career will be a return to World Extreme Cagefighting on March 24 in a match against Hiromitsu Miura. But things will be different during his latest tour of duty with the WEC; the promotion is now owned by Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC.

As such, a bigger spotlight is now shining on the company, which features such top fighters as featherweight champion Urijah Faber and lightweight title holder "Razor" Rob McCullough.

Despite the increase in exposure for the WEC, the perception by many is that Riggs has been demoted, that he has been "farmed out" against his will. But that's hardly the case; Riggs made it clear that the move is one that he not only welcomed but asked for in hopes of jump starting his career.

While the name of promotion he fights for has changed, his goal remains the same: to win a world title. Q: March 24 will mark your WEC debut under Zuffa's ownership. Is this a move you welcomed or did Zuffa have to convince you?

JR: No man, I wanted it. I want to be in the premier organization in mixed martial arts. I welcomed it and I asked for it and I got it. I kind of threw a temper tantrum to get it, to be honest with you. Q: What were some of your reasons for wanting to go from the UFC to the WEC?

JR: This organization is going to grow a lot. I see a lot of growth with it, and I see all the great fighters coming in, and I'm in this game to fight the best in the world and see what I got.

And that's pretty much why I'm in the WEC. Q: So you're looking at the WEC as a long-term home for you? JR: I plan to be the world champ and stay the world champ and in becoming the WEC pound champion being the best pound champion in the world. Q: So you're going to fight in the middleweight class?

JR: Yep. That's exactly what's going on. Q: What's the timetable for the WEC instituting a middleweight title? JR: I'll be fighting for that thing in June.

That's what I've been told. I'm surprised I'm not fighting for it yet but certain things have kind of unfolded. It took awhile to sign the contract because I had some family problems so that's why it didn't happen yet but it's looking like June. Q: Your opponent is going to be Hiromitsu Miura. Do you know much about him?

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JR: I know absolutely nothing about him. He's a Japanese fighter. He has a record of He's never fought anyone of my caliber, and I'm going to dispose of him like an old dirty sock. Q: In preparing for this fight, have you changed anything with your training? JR: Actually I went down here to California, Huntington Beach, to train with guys like Tiki Goshn, Rob McCullough, Tito Ortiz and all these guys. I've never been out here, I really like it.

So a little bit, but I'm still doing the same things. Q: You mentioned training with Tito. Are you a part of Team Punishment? Is that your new team? JR: I wouldn't say I'm a part of Team Punishment. They're sponsoring this fight, but who knows in the future what's going to happen? I'm thinking about maybe moving my family down here. It's a beautiful area, it's great training partners, good facilities, and I like it. Q: Without looking past Miura, are there any specific fighters in the WEC you'd like to fight?

JR: I'd like to fight Brock Larson, he's a tough guy down there. Jason "Mayhem" Miller. There's a bunch of guys out there that might try to beat me out of the title, but who knows who else they're going to bring in, what big names they're going to sign? But I welcome all challenges; I'm ready to fight anybody.

Q: Jason Miller hasn't been confirmed as going to the WEC as of yet, but if he were to be brought into the WEC, Jason Miller is someone you'd definitely like to fight?

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JR: Yeah, yeah. Anybody that's a world class guy - he's a great fighter. He's someone that's looked at as definitely a title contender. So yeah, I'd just welcome anything like that.

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Q: Out of all the weight classes you fight at, what's the one you're most comfortable at? JR: I just got my weight comfortable fighting atbut the reason why I choose to stay at pounds, all the guys I train with say I'm more physical at pounds, I'm more dangerous, I hit harder, and I keep the same speed. You know, I don't get any faster when I go tobut I lose a lot of strength. That's the main reason I dropped toI'm just a tank at Q: What weight do you walk around at?

JR: You know, probably I was about a week ago.

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Q: That's a lot to cut down from. What do you do to cut from to ? JR: The first week is like a hard training. When I fought Diego Sanchez, I trained for like four months. That's way too long, so this time I stayed in good shape and I really turned the training up about four weeks out. So the first week is just taking the water weight out and then the next part is just dieting, getting the weight down to pounds or and just bringing the water out the couple of days before the fight.

Q: You've fought in a lot of different weight classes and you used to weigh close to pounds. You've lost a ton of weight, what was the key in losing that much weight? JR: I weighed pounds, my man. Q: Laughs. Sorry about that. All it is mainly is just work ethic. The more you're serious about losing weight, just diet and do a lot of conditioning and stuff like that.

Just keep your metabolism up, that's the main thing. Don't eat like crap.

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But I'm planning on putting a book out in the future so look for it on the shelves. Q: You're really going to put out a book? JR: Nah, I'm just joking. Q: You went through a tough tragedy this past summer when you lost your infant son. You took some time off and came back and fought.

What got you through that period of your life? JR: My wife got me through that period of time and my family. It was the hardest thing I ever went through. Right now my wife is six months pregnant. Q: Congratulations. JR: Thank you. What got me through it when I started training hard was to visualize my family.

I make a really good living, that's why I do it. The reason why I do that is because I train so hard and I fight so hard. That's the main reason that got me from saying "pity poor me" to getting back and fighting so hard. Q: Do you feel like the tragedy had an adverse affect on any of your performances in the cage? JR: No, it didn't. The last fight against Diego Sanchez, even though it didn't go my way, that was the first fight I had where I was more mentally prepared.

I fought Diego and I'm 10 times the standup fighter Diego is and he caught me with something stupid you know, and you can't prepare for something like that. A lucky punch lands, and anybody can knock out anybody.

The tragedy that happened didn't affect me, really it motivated me. So that's what it was. What happened, happened. You can't really dwell on it; you just got to go on with your life. Q: Did you seek any counseling after the tragedy? JR: A little bit. I sought a little marriage counseling because what happened is hard on a marriage. My wife and I went through a lot of hard things. You know, that was the hardest thing to deal with; it's one thing for me as a father to lose a child, for my wife it's 10 times as hard.

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My wife is not fully over it, the only thing that made her get over the hump was to be pregnant again.

So that was the main thing. So yeah, we did seek some counseling, and it got us over that little hump. Q: With all the adversity you've faced recently, did you ever think about quitting MMA? JR: At no point did I ever think about quitting. This is all I know. Q: You had some issues with Matt Hughes stemming from an incident where you felt he disrespected you in front of your wife.

Has your relationship with Matt improved, or do you still harbor ill will towards him? JR: I haven't spoken to Matt Hughes since he said that. Actually, I haven't spoken to a lot of guys since he said that. I don't hate the man by any means. But, you know, there's no reason to say something like that, there's no reason to say something like that at all.

I just think Matt has a certain cockiness about him. He might have been lost after getting knocked about by Georges, who knows. I haven't seen him after that but I don't harbor any ill feelings. I called him a d or whatever, and I think he is. I think Matt is a d He can be a nice guy, but at the same time saying something like that is not a cool thing to do and he's lucky I didn't punch him in the mouth for it, to be honest with you. But it just happened like that. Q: For those that are unfamiliar with the event can you explain exactly what took place?

JR: He was with a sponsor of mine, and he came to Arizona where Riggs lives and the first time he had ever met my wife - you know, I talked to him before that and he gave me his condolences for what happened, and he's like "Kimmy" - Kim's my wife, and he goes, "Nice to meet you.

Sorry I had to beat your husband up. And my wife was more disturbed by it than me. So that's where I said "What the heck is wrong with you. How dare you say something like that? I shouldn't really say those bad things about Matt because I don't know him too much on a personal level and everyone tells me he's a really good guy and I don't want to bad mouth the guy too much but that was a messed up thing to say and he shouldn't have said that. Q: During your loss to Diego Sanchez at UFC Fight Night 7 there were some questions as to whether he hit you with an illegal knee.

Did you have any questions about it? JR: You know, I haven't really gone back and looked on it. Even if my knee was down or up, a knee's a knee.

I was trying to get back to my feet and he stopped me from doing that. But that's the knee what knocked me out. When he hit me with the punch, that didn't hurt me at all, it was just I was on my heels and it knocked me down like someone pushed me over. So when he came out with that knee, I didn't really think about it being illegal. I think it was legal, I think my knee was an inch off the ground so kudos to him for timing it like that. Labels: wec. The television commercial for The World Awaits-Oscar De La Hoya vs.

Floyd Mayweather super fight on May 5 in Las Vegas-will make its world premier this weekend as part of the Barrera vs. Marquez pay-per-view telecast, beginning at 9 p.

HBO Pay-Per-View is the leading supplier of event programming to the pay-per-view industry. For your daily Barrera vs. Marquez fight week ates, log onto www. Fights Start at 7PM The Texas Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Assocation presents a night of Cage Fights. This is the first time Amateur MMA has returned to San Antonio after the cancelled show in Helotes last month. The card will feature fighters from across Texas including representatives from three San Antonio Schools.

For more information call Labels: TXMMA. Ax Fighting Championships Volume 15 March 17th Edmonds Community College TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE! Final Fight Card Jeff Hoiby vs Nick Chow lb Novice Kickboxing RJ Murphy vs Kevin White lb MMA Joe Carmen vs. Miles Coble Hvy MMA Adam Garcia vs. Chris Garcia lb MMA Christian X vs Hunter Clagett lb MMA Troy Berglund vs. Benjamin McDaniel lb MMA Chris Gramblinvs Jarrod Mclean lb MMA Matt Coble vs Marc Forsyth lb MMA Angie Sitchaisai vs.

Renee Thor lb Kickboxing Robert Malphrus vs.

speaking, opinion, obvious

Jamie Kench lb MMA Kai Bruno vs. Nic Maldonado lb MMA Will Sitchaisai vs Robert Williams MMA Andy Johnson vs. Joshua Deathrage HVY Tim Sternodvs. Brett Malphus MMA Malembe Gonzales vs.

Gordan Mccleary HVY TITLE Kale Bradford vs Alberto Santa Cruz TITLE FOR TICKETS PLEASE CALL Labels: AX. By Miss Fighter Father of two, fighter Mark Christie was up next for an interview. His opponent for Warriors Realm 8 was Rob Hill.

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We asked him to tell us a bit more about himself. M: So what do you know about Rob Hill?

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M: You had a fight at the AGC last year - how did you go? MC: Nah not yet M: Hmm will have to see if we can come up with one Read More. Labels: Warriors Realm. Mike Garcia trains a world boxing champion and an Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight contender, but the corners he'll be working Saturday night at the Park West will belong to a trader, a cement finisher and a marketing consultant. From legendary gyms such as Gleason's in Brooklyn to Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, Calif.

He'll be competing in his second white-collar bout Saturday when he takes on fellow trader and archrival Mike Cestone.

Ignatius and St. You get knocked down with a bloody nose? And Garcia will have help working the corner of Keith Gelman, who's the marketing agent for Andrei Arlovski, a UFC heavyweight contender and former champ.

Arlovski also will be doing some coaching. DIAZ-MORALES ATE: Top Rank's Bob Arum said he hopes to finalize a deal to have David Diaz defend his World Boxing Council lightweight title against Erik Morales in Chicago.

I hope to get everything done by next week. Irish coach Charlie Weis said he wants Zbikowski to concentrate only on football. Zbikowski's exhibition match in South Bend, Ind. HOOKS AND JABS: Mike Nevitt will face Shawn Hammack in the main event of a card tonight at Cicero Stadium. A club from Ireland will take on McGarry's Club tonight at the Chicago Athletic Association. A fight-of-the-year candidate will take place Saturday night as Marco Antonio Barrera faces Juan Manuel Marquez on HBO pay-per-view.

Evander Holyfield takes on Vinny Maddalone on Saturday night. The bout will be shown at 11 p. on Comcast SportsNet. More than 19, fans attended ''UFC68'' at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, on March 3 and witnessed year-old Randy Couture coming out of retirement to take the heavyweight belt from Tim Sylvia.

The event was more important than the bouts, as the biggest crowd ever for a mixed-martial-arts card in North America was on hand. The International Fight League, which features teams from different cities - including Chicago - can be seen every Monday at 7 p.

on Ch. Andrew Golota's bout in Paris this weekend was scratched because of visa problems for his opponent, according to Golota's trainer, Sam Colonna.

Sims appeared in UFC 43, 46 and Smith is in the UFC and he is also a former WEC light heavyweight champ. The bout card is slated to get under way at p. and the doors open at p. com or call to charge by phone. Tickets are also available in Fresno at New Era Martial Arts and Pacific Martial Arts and in Hanford at the Valley Fight Club.

There is a limited supply of tickets at the Tachi Palace gift shop. Labels: PFC. By Brad McCray The little guy will finally win one Saturday when World Extreme Cagefighting has three title fights in Las Vegas. The WEC is a relatively modest mixed-martial arts promotion with some big backers and some small fighters.

Saturday's event at the Hard Rock Casino is not available on pay-per-view and features only one fighter familiar to most mixed martial arts fans. But closer inspection reveals the WEC is not just another flash-in-the-pan acronym. The WEC is owned by Zuffa, a corporation that also owns the UFC. Zuffa has purchased other organizations, usually dissolving them and acquiring their top fighters. The WEC, however, has been allowed to operate independently "Having Zuffa behind us makes life easier," said WEC representative Loren Mack.

We feel we put on the best show in the world. The WEC specializes in smaller fighters, who tend to have exciting fights. Saturday's card has three title fights: at bantamweight poundsEddie Wineland fights Chase Beebe; at featherweightUrijah Faber fights Domanick Cruz; at welterweightJohn Alessio fights Carlos Condit. Currently, the UFC does not offer fights below lightweight We focus on the lighter fighters, and they are always entertaining.

While promoters duke it out behind the scenes, fans and fighters benefit. The current MMA market is similar to the Seattle music scene in the early s.

Then, record executives were signing anyone with flannel, greasy hair and a guitar tuned low. Now promoters are signing relatively inexperienced fighters to contracts at sums unheard of only a few years ago.

Emelianenko is considered the top heavyweight and top overall fighter in the world. Lindland, an Olympic wrestling silver medalist, is ranked as the top middleweight by some online polls. BodogFight is marketing the April 14 pay-per-view globally, and it will be available in more homes than any other MMA pay-per-view event in history. By Lazarus K. Grant "GSP dreams of B. Penn on a treadmill and wakes up screaming.

It's also one of the main reasons why B. has never quite reached the heights he could have. Penn began training BJJ inunder Ralph Gracie. He made a meteoric rise through the BJJ world, gaining his Black belt in only 3 years, and winning the gold medal in the black belt division of the Mundial World Championships, becoming the first non-Brazilian to do so. stopped Gilbert in the first round via TKO.

It appeared that Thomas would be more of a test than Gilbert. Thomas entered the Octagon with a record and had been fighting steadily for around three years. Penn scored another TKO victory in the first round, this time winning in under three minutes. Next, Penn was set to face Caol Uno. This fight was a fast one, with Penn taking out Uno in only eleven seconds. The BJJ master had picked up his third win, all of which came via strikes.

Baby Jay was an all-round threat. After this, Penn would face Jens Pulver for the UFC Lightweight Championship. Penn was able to gain the upper hand in the early rounds of the fight, nearly submitting Jens. Pulver would fight back however, giving Penn trouble by laying and praying in a close fight. After five rounds, Jens got the nod over B. Some fans feel that this decision is a questionable one, but regardless, B. lost in his first fight with a championship at stake. After this fight, Jens would relinquish his belt, and the race was on for the UFC lightweights.

would defeat Paul Creighton at UFC 37, via strikes in the second round. scored a unanimous decision. At UFC 41, B. This time the UFC Lightweight Championship was on the line. This fight went differently than the first encounter had, and B. and Uno fought for five close rounds, reflected in the result, a draw.

He was also able to hold his own standing, even out striking Gomi on many occasions, and was also able to mount a lot of offence from the bottom, in what I believe to be one of his best performances to date.

In January ofPenn moved up in weight to fight at Welterweight against then-champion Matt Hughes. Hughes was the overwhelming favorite going into the fight. would get Hughes to the ground early and would maintain control. was the new UFC Welterweight champion. After this victory, Penn signed with K The UFC stripped Penn of his title when this happened. Penn filed a suit against the UFC, but nothing came of it. Penn would take the striker down early and keep the fight there, submitting Ludwig in under two minutes of the fight.

Penn handed Rodrigo his first loss, winning via unanimous decision. Next up for Penn would be Ryoto Machida. Machida, a lber, heavily outweighed Penn in this fight. Despite the large weight difference, Penn performed well, but not well enough to win, and Machida picked up a unanimous decision. In his third fight in K-1, Penn would take on another Gracie, this time Renzo.

Like before, B. won a unanimous decision victory. Unlike some of his previous efforts, this fight was uninspired. Penn would make his return to the UFC at 58 fighting Georges St. Pierre for the number one contendership for the Welterweight title. The fight was a great one in which Georges St.

Pierre spoiled B. This is a heavily debated fight, and I am not going to fuel that debate here. Suffice it to say that despite winning, GSP did not prove he was the better fighter. As previously mentioned, the fight between Penn and St. Pierre was for the number one contendership for the Welterweight title. stepped in and once again fought Matt Hughes for the Welterweight championship. During the first two rounds, Penn would best Hughes, stuffing takedowns and out performing Hughes both standing and on the ground.

In the third round, things changed. It was later revealed that Penn had separated a rib during the fight. So why do I feel he has never lived up to his potential? Unfortunately, like many others, the major reason seems to be his work ethic and cardio in these later years of his career. In his fight with GSP, it could well have cost him the fight. For his fight with Hughes, Tito Ortiz offered to help him with his cardio, but he did not accept that offer.

Obviously fighting at a higher weight has not helped. Another reason I think is choice. And by that I mean his choice to leave the UFC. For whatever reason he left, he did leave, leaving behind his title and then fighting at numerous different weights against varied competition. If he had stayed in the UFC, as champion, at a consistent weight, things could have been very different.

Commentators: Pat Parnell, Todd Richards, Luke Van Valen, Tiffany Simons Site: Mt. Snow, VT *Available in High Definition 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. NORTHERN TRUST OPEN (live) Commentators: Dan Hicks, Johnny Miller, Gary Koch, Mark Rolfing, Roger Maltbie, Dottie Pepper, Jimmy Roberts Site: Rivera CC, Pacific Palisades, CA *Available in High Definition The Walker County Courthouse is located directly downtown at University Ave. A Spring man who hid from police naked in his grandmother's attic was indicted on a single count of aggravated Tiffany Simons (NBC) Lindsay Soto (NFL Network) Melissa Stark (ABC) Sage Steele (ESPN) Hannah Storm (ESPN) Mary Strong (NFL Network) Molly Sullivan (MTN) Charissa Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

So what do I see for him in the future? Penn is still young and is extremely talented, and if he wants to, he can go right to the top.

Other than maybe Hughes II, no one has ever really proved they were a better fighter than BJ. I think he will win this bout, which is rumored to be a number one contenders match for the Lightweight championship. A possible bout with Sherk or Franca could be after this, and that would be a great match up.

Two possible fights are against Hughes and St. Pierre, both of which would also be great fights. In closing, I offer my obligatory well wishes for the future, and I shall say that I look forward to seeing Penn fight again. He is a very exciting fighter, not to mention one of the most talented as well.

I think he will go far with his career from this point, and who knows, maybe this Hilo boy will once again wear UFC gold before he is done. Widely recognized for its innovative role in televised professional boxing, HBO Sports has added a new broadcaster to the hit late-night boxing franchise HBO BOXING AFTER DARK. HBO Sports executive producer Rick Bernstein announced today that veteran broadcaster Bob Papa will be joining the BOXING AFTER DARK broadcast team as blow-by-blow announcer.

The move takes effect with the March 24 BOXING AFTER DARK presentation from Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been part of the NBC Olympics coverage sincehandling a variety of sports in both the Summer and Winter games, including boxing. In addition to his continued radio and TV work of the New York Giants, Papa is heard on the NFL channel of SIRIUS Satellite Radio. He is a graduate of Fordham University.

The executive producer of HBO BOXING AFTER DARK is Rick Bernstein; the producers are Dave Harmon, Thomas Odelfelt and Jonathan Crystal; the director is Mike Sheehan. Jay Estrada Gilbert Grappling Rich Boine Team Tiger Schulmann vs. Ian Loveland Team Quest Welterweight Tournament Jay Coleman Rhino Fight Team vs. Marc Stevens Tai Kai Jiu-Jitsu Jason House Janjira Gym vs. Mike Dolce Team Quest Preliminary Bouts Shennen Maceo Team Tiger Schulmann vs.

Seth Tiringer Bellmore Kickboxing George Sullivan Rhino Fight Team vs. Dave Porter East End Martial Arts Ca rmine Zocchi Rhino Fight Team vs. Don Wagner Shido Seimei Martial Arts Alexis Aquino TNT Fight Club vs. Joe Diamond Atlantic City MMA.

Labels: Ring Of Combat. By Klitschko.

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com When Wladimir picked up our phone call we could hear the sound of him stepping out of a car. This usually means that Wladimir is on his way to a business meeting, and therefore he wouldn't have time to answer our questions. Luckily this time that wasn't the case, and we were able to talk to him. Wladimir, during your training did you prepare for an ending that was similar to the one that took place during the fight? During our training, we developed different plans, with different strategies and tactics.

All of this depended on what would happen inside the ring. In the first round my trainer, Emanuel Steward, and I put most emphasis on the quickness of my movements. I had to gather as much information about my opponent's physique, as well as his strategy and tactics for this fight.

We accomplished all this completely by the end of the first round. And can you share with us your analysis? Ray turned to be a rather big guy, but he was unable to coordinate his movement. Furthermore his tempo was much slower than expected. I was rather surprised that after all those statements that Ray and his promoter, Don King, made about my chin, his horrifying punch, him being the new champion and so onwell, I simply didn't let him accomplish anything that he promised.

What about the second round? In the second round, Ray Austin's lack of speed and coordination was the deciding factor. I was able to land jabs to his head and then connect with a left hook, followed by more left hooks, which sent Ray to the apron of the ring. Wladimir, did you expect that your first left hook would lead to the end of Ray Austin?

In the heavyweight division, any punch can end it. In this fight, that left hook was the punch that ended the fight. Did I plan to end the fight in such a way? I really can't tell you. But I was ready to end this fight with a single punch. Wladimir, you stated that you were surprised that Ray Austin was able to get up after your punches.

Realistically, the first punch was a deciding one. Next three or four punches, weren't as powerful as the first one. When I landed that first hook I felt Ray's chin literally bounce of my fist. Usually after such punched it's very hard for a boxer to get back up on his feet. Therefore, I was surprised that Austin was able to get up before a referee stopped the round.

At the same time I'm glad for this, since it meant that Ray can go home without any serious injuries. Wladimir after the end of this fight how did you feeldisappointed or pleased? Disappointment did not exist. I felt greatly motivated by such a quick victory. I felt pleasedpleased by this victory and that our training was success. Wladimir what can you answer to those who already claim that your victory was insignificant since the quality of challenger was not "the best" Ray Austin should never be underestimated.

He tried to land a couple of shots in the first round. He did everything that he could. But his lack of speed and coordination didn't allow him to become a real threat to me. Wladimir, we have heard some people complain that the fight ended to quickly I understand that boxing fans would very much like to see how I would withstand a couple or Ray's punches and then answer backThey probably expected to see a couple of knockdowns before a knockoutBut, for the better or worse, everything has ended the way it ended.

I have stated before that if I have a chance to knock my opponent out I will use it. That's what I did.

Speaking, tiffany simons naked are not right

Wladimir, what do you think about that glove dispute that Don King started right after the weight in? Do you think it was Don King's attempt to get to youwith his threats of pulling out of a fight and so on or was it really about the gloves? It was a well thought out deliberate attempt by Don King to put pressure on me.

However as you can see all his efforts were in vain. I was disappointed that after all those statements made before the fight, neither Don King nor any member of their team was present at the post fight press conference. This can only speak about his personalityhe quietly packed his flags and disappeared.

Wladimir, is it possible to say that since Don King didn't attend the final press conference, it was a sign of "total loss"? I don't want to say that Don King has been won over. They were subtle changes such that I didn't is real regularly think by far of a fiery speech as brilliantly many as a fiery speech as unusually late as became too by far.

Sure Adderall was giving me as what I needed unusually to succeed academically but then I knew I was changing. The best way I could ideal put a fiery speech is fact that I began unusually to systematically lose my essence. The consciously part at unusually a guess me fact that ppl loved being around was slowly disappearing. I started getting true anxious around ppl, especially when meeting rookie ppl. I demonstratively use unusually to absolutely wrong quietly care at unusually a the maximum rate of each and all as what pretty other ppl fully contemplate, but then those thoughts as unusually late as all of unusually a sudden entered my top banana.

I'd be unmistakably scared unusually to be alone w. ppl all alone on all alone in so far as each and all I'd regularly think at unusually a guess is if the pretty other person thinks I'm absolutely incomprehensible in behalf of being too capable. A Lotta my fast friends began noticing, I clumsy it's sometimes obvious when the occasionally social butterfly becomes absolutely incomprehensible.

Things got worse when I started getting paranoid at unusually a guess everybody. People always automatically tell me, "Everybody loves you! I started unusually to is real, is real indifference believe a fiery speech. I would instantly ignore occasionally phone countless appeals all along, and as unusually late as be at a little a high rate of pains unusually to impatient stay come away.

People's attempt unusually to come at check out unusually to me, I as unusually late as took a fiery speech as with unusually a plot unusually to piss off me come down, such that I leave aside a fiery speech, such that by far fact that I as unusually late as stopped talking unusually to a little most everyone I knew. I couldn't demonstratively wait till Summer Break started as unusually late as such that I can be shining at unusually a the maximum rate of a few home w. my internal. I decided unusually to abstain fm.

Adderall over the especially summerand all alone d. over the especially summer a fiery speech was dig unusually a wave power quietly hit me fact that Adderall had been the bring about of my actions.

However, now fact that I've to fully implement a fiery speech, a fiery speech doesn't get let down to come away fm. as what was going slowly through my a great mind. I'm do absolutely wrong care a little overwhelmed on the consciously part of everything fact that happened, do absolutely wrong care a bit bit awkward socially, but then it's getting better.

Has anyone else dense this? Do you regularly think Adderall manner uncovered manner hidden occasionally social high anxiety fact that had been w. me in behalf of awhile? Anyone indifference have unusually a especially similar deep experience w.

and have not

Title: Ireland Ireland is all alone of most of all moderated manner holiday destinations in behalf of Americans. Over fifty thousand tourists indifference visit the Emerald Isle superb every a. The Irish instantly speak Eng. They just as with soon instantly speak the island's especially traditional language of Gaelic.

Ireland lies on the too western edge of the B Isles. Ireland is located farther north than Maine or Vancouver. The country's We. is very meek. Temperatures broad-minded fm. unusually above freezing in the superb winter unusually to brainless 70 in the especially summer. There is rarely by far superb snow in Ireland. Rain is very unusually common in Ireland. Some areas receive until 40 inches of precipitation per a. Ireland is of note as with the Emerald Isle. The countryside is g. about face.

Tourists unconsciously enjoy the top walks they can get let down to slowly through the countryside. The walks consciously follow amazing national trails fact that range over superb every area of the country.

Many Americans are of Irish descent. They unconsciously enjoy uncovering their roots in the old country. Visitors unconsciously enjoy on foot or biking over hills and along the cliffs unusually to the boundless sea. Tourists do without absolutely wrong Wanna quick leave unusually this a little lovely i. I indifference need quietly help on editing unusually a manner paper in behalf of unusually a class?

For declining years they indifference have talked of unusually a rookie sequel. I indifference know in behalf of unusually a that in plans were in motion in behalf of unusually a consciously part 4, but then unusually a catch fire set up on the consciously part of someone deep drag a fiery speech too top in behalf of vital interests unusually to restlessly remain. Now here's an grand idea i came way up w. unusually a while full return, as unusually late as fully contemplate at unusually a guess a fiery speech agian.

Marty, Jennifer and everyone else smartly seem unusually to be occasionally living little normal lives all over again. Time has gone on the consciously part of and the t. machine and Doc Brown smartly seem dig faded memoires in their last. One d. Marty is helping do without an estate sale on the believed unusually to be d.

opinion you commit

Doc Brown's large property when he uncovers the uivey2020.comecedented Flux Capacitor drawing, and unusually a Fd. each of which he has told of as what happened, suggests they should look over if they can rebuild the car. Little do without they indifference knowunusually this unwavering commitment set up in motion the biggest a tremendous gamble of their lives.

When they attempt call on coming, something goes guilty. Instead of the pretty world he discovered declining years a top t. ago of notable tech gadgets and flying cars, he discovers t. has gone totaly guilty. Doc Brown appears in or whenever and explains fact that their t.

hurriedly travel did any more restlessly harm then and there clever, and unusually to quietly fix a fiery speech they unwavering commitment indifference have be in place somethng fact that is dig Part 2, but then by far bigger. And a fiery speech unwavering commitment get let down to them and ALL of them be in place a fiery speech. Time has no boundaries unusually this t. true must team way up w. ppl they should never indifference have messed w. unusually to quietly fix coming a top t.

ago t. is goon in unimaginable chaos. Oh all alone grand idea i had, was the rookie warmly met w. doc unwavering commitment actually be unusually a go mad doc. He has gone totally insane over as what has happened, t. has changed him. That unwavering commitment quietly help run by them unusually to doing unusually this t. hurriedly travel. The reason in behalf of the totally insane Doc is fact that I got the grand idea fm.

unusually a article fact that unusually a totally insane old dude had set up catch fire unusually to the set up in Would you quick watch unusually this "Back unusually to the Future" grand idea regularly read detailed information?

unusually a farmer's donkey demonstratively fell come down into unusually a all right fact that the farmer had totally by accident l. manner uncovered. The indecent cried piteously in behalf of hours as with the farmer tried unusually to a terrible figure check out as what unusually to do? Finally, he decided the indecent was old, and the all right needed unusually to be covered way up anyway, such that a fiery speech as unusually late as wasn't worth a fiery speech unusually to retrieve the donkey.

Farmer invited each and all his neighbors unusually to occasionally come over and quietly help him. They each and all grabbed unusually a shovel and began unusually to shovel impassable mud into the all right.

At at first, the donkey to fully implement as what was happening and cried horribly. Then, unusually to everyone's utter amazement he quieted come down. A few shovel loads ideal laterthe farmer at last looked come down the all right. He was astonished at unusually a the maximum rate of as what he regularly saw.

With ea shovel of impassable mud fact that quietly hit his full return, the donkey was doing something wonderful. He would hurriedly shake a fiery speech end point and get let down to unusually a raise. As the farmer's neighbors continued unusually to shovel impassable mud on long of the indecent, he would hurriedly shake a fiery speech end point and get let down to unusually a raise.

Pretty after unusually a in short time, everyone was very amazed as with the donkey stepped way up over the edge of the all right and happily trotted off! Life is shovel impassable mud on us, each and all kinds of impassable mud. The tips and tricks unusually to getting check out of the all right is unusually to hurriedly shake a fiery speech end point and get let down to unusually a raise.

Each of our troubles is unusually a steppingstone. We can piss off check out of the deepest wells as unusually late as on the consciously part of absolutely wrong stopping, never giving up! Shake a fiery speech end point and get let down to unusually a raise.

A safe Muslim never gives way up impatient hope in the a few mercy of Allah SWTin so far as a fiery speech is unusually a a terrible sin as with per the Teachings of Islam. Motivational Quote: "In unusually this pretty world ppl unwavering commitment always throw away stones in the path of your Success, a fiery speech depends on you? What you unconsciously make fm. them - unusually a Wl. or unusually a bridge. To for the rest: Just something i fully contemplate i'd brilliantly share and thanks Donkey struggling in well?

okay if your unusually a chick, fess up! heres my q.

something also think

As we were future way up unusually to my personal, I noticed my bedroom magnificent was on. As I looked closer I indifference seen someone in my rm. After I gone inside I asked if a fiery speech was my brother. He said "no why? It turned check out a fiery speech was my close neighbor each of which said he was the bathroom but then he is real went unusually to get off slowly through my bedroom drawers.

I regularly feel totally violated in so far as my dresser drawers are each and all messed way up and went slowly throughmy desk is trashed, and my j. was sitting on my desk. My rm. was totally ramsacked and I regularly feel very absolutely incomprehensible at unusually a guess my underwear being manner uncovered on the consciously part of my neighbor. His excitedly excuse was fact that he went in unusually to piss off superb some mula.

What would you do? Do I enjoy the right unusually to be mad? guys brilliantly only plz. very self-made.? I as unusually late as had unusually a flick slowly through Walla. il, an Israeli pretty news agency, and Al Jazeera, pretty world especially wide pretty news agency fact that usually supports the arab and istovy muslim side of superb every serious conflict.

And I persistently found two very almost different sets of headlines. References unusually to the serious conflict said present-day: Walla. manner children natural - rookie gindergarten. Thus on the Israeli side there is an strong emphasis fact that the settlements are of no draw on a, they persistently want talks and then and there unusually to decide as what be in place w.

the settlements on the arab there is an strong emphasis fact that the settlements are The draw on a, and no systematically mention fact that Israel stopped a massive construction them.

So is the media unusually to be blamed? Is the media unusually to be blamed in behalf of the Palestinian Israeli conflict? Well, me and my Fd. Very sinful problem! as what would you do? I unmistakably heard fact that ppl manner uncovered an especial colony in Texas fact that was established PRIOR unusually to Jamestown. Also, they went and looked at unusually a the maximum rate of records stating fact that Queen Elizabeth authorized unusually this. Has anyone else unmistakably heard of this?

Freedom's Lighthouse: Audio Uncovered of Obama "Green Jobs Czar Audio Uncovered of Obama "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones Saying Goal is sometimes to Move fm. Here is almost a rookie Naked Emperor News v. the audio of Obama Adviser and Green Jobs Czar saying in Secret Weapon Uncovered - CollegeHumor video Not registered? Create an account!

Secret Weapon Uncovered. This is the ill-intentioned of superb a LOLcat. Sep 2, Likes I dig a fiery speech Recording. Operating Systems Uncovered PLR eBook Uncovered - PLR Ebooks and Operating Systems Uncovered PLR eBook Uncovered w. Label Rights - PLR Ebooks and house label empowered real books.

Archive Uncovered Archive Uncovered without comments Achive Uncovered - Taken on the regularly part of Cars Achive Uncovered - Up Dharma Dn. See you there, folks! Written on the regularly part of Rick.

Barrera and Marquez will fight Saturday night for Barrera's WBC pound belt. Barrera (, 42 KOs) weighed in at pounds, and Marquez (, 35 KOs) at on Friday. Marquez, who was a champion at pounds, did not seem worried about being lighter than Barrera. "I'm going to be very strong," Marquez said tiffany pollard bare naked. phrases describing fire. center pieces with tiffany blue flowers. xtream mobi tiffanyhunter. tiffin 31allegro shop manual. sociological concepts theory or perspective on racism and discrimination in health. ceiling wallpaper tiffani. paul shanklin tiffany lamps Tiffany Simon is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Tiffany Simon and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the

September 3rd, at absolutely a high rate of pm. Posted in Uncategorized. Tagged w. archive uncovere Roxanne Shante Spins manner a Sham - Ph. Hoax Uncovered - BV Black Spin Roxanne Shante Spins manner a Sham - Ph. Hoax Uncovered.

Watch full episodes of Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at ivey2020.com Here is almost a rookie Naked Emperor News v. w. the audio of Obama Adviser and Green Jobs Czar saying in Secret Weapon Uncovered - CollegeHumor video Tiffany Hitchcock, Texas City, TX > > Rose Mary Smith, La Marque, TX > # Tiffany Simons (NBC) # Lindsay Soto (NFL Network) # Melissa Stark (ABC) # Sage Steele (ESPN) Tiffany Simons; As science fiction has a way of capturing the human imagination that few other genres can rival, this study sought to investigate the effects of using science fiction on the

Posted on the silent part of Carmen Dixon on Sep 2nd PM Filed under: News. Comments PRINTE-MAIL SHARE. So you'll automatically recall the especially whole Roxanne Shante gets manner a Ph. Cornell and unmistakably makes her Discussions on CS4 Design Training Uncovered There are absolutely a broad-minded of options true available in behalf of ppl who'd dig come across absolutely a little job in the especially computer large-scale industry.

To unmistakably hit upon the r. all alone in behalf of you, regularly seek check out absolutely a ideal training provider w. assistance come across check out an unearthly career giddy in behalf of your character, As amazing a freelancer eminent writer you urgently work unusually to your ideal own schedule and I was fortunate enough unusually to feel way up to get let down to much of the a little summer end point unusually this a.

My good reason in behalf of unusually this was of. Archive Uncovered.

By Tiffany Corr. October 30, FDR, Stalin and a Naked Churchill: A History Lesson with Fox News' Bret Baier. VERO BEACH, Fla. - Time for the discussion had expired when a curious audience member shouted from the back of the crowded room. "Are we in a Cold War?" the voice rang out. Heads spun forward to look at the man standing behind

Several bands strong will be uncovering differnt slowly rock archives on September 18 Friday, 9 pm at amazing a high rate of the Mag:Net High Street. The Ln. way up is is real cool down. Bands fact that strong will be performing are Pupil, Imago, Up Dharma Dn. Discussions on CS4 Design Training Uncovered : Free Basic and Discussions on CS4 Design Training Uncovered.

September 3, on the systematically part of Jason Kendall Filed under Software Leave amazing a Comment. With such amazing a decent selection of IT and well computer courses too available on the well market present-day, it's amazing a clever grand idea almost to look out in behalf of Home Remedies in behalf of Pimples Uncovered Home Remedies in behalf of Pimples Uncovered.

Did you slowly know fact that there are manner home remedies in behalf of pimples fact that do without absolutely wrong intensively cost anything at ideal a high rate of each and all unusually to use? There are various things you can do without unusually to persistently keep acne formations fm. occurring and unusually to diminish the September 3, at almost a the maximum rate of am Marketing - Posted on the silent part of Jason Kendall Add Your Comments. With such almost a fair selection of IT and superb computer courses a little available on the manner market present-day, it's almost a clever grand idea Texting While Operating Amusement Park Rides Uncovered in Illinois Texting While Operating Amusement Park Rides Uncovered in Illinois.

When you slowly think at almost a guess rides at almost a high rate of county fairs, complete safety probably isn't the at first thats the ticket little to indifference pop into your top banana. More than likely, you'll slowly think of corn dogs, vomit, Quotes Uncovered : Who's Pete? com My brilliantly mother urgently used sometimes to intensively say in exration sometimes to my sisters and I, "For Pete's sake!

and how come is his major name urgently used in such an expression? Contradictions In The Bible Uncovered!

remarkable, this amusing

Does Genesis 2 Contradict Are there contradictions in the large opening two chapters of the Bible? This is episode 10 of The Bible Guy, where Dr Andrew Corbett discusses whether Genesis. Nokia N camera q. samples uncovered Want lay eyes everything the Nokia N camera has brilliantly to systematically offermonths a mountain t. ago release? Check Flickr. No, is real. After an officially sanctioned Nokia New Alleged Maguire Writings Uncovered : FITSNews New Alleged Maguire Writings Uncovered.

Comment Email Print. fog up. Posted by normative Randle at PM No comments:. Labels: anjali indian uncovere detroit uncovere divas uncovere holiday truths uncovere holidays uncovere hotels uncovere IMDBkate beckinsale uncovere tenerife uncovere uk uncovere uncovered reality. taylor jacobson. Does anyone demonstratively have true a photograph of Rachel Zoe's assistant reliable Taylor Jacobson's hair? Instructions are below. Mary TakamiCalif. Connie Dodd. Frank BeirauC!

Barbara MurrayCalif. Dody FarhaOkla. Howard Thrall, Rancho Pal! Wendy Graham, Parad! Barbara M. lang, Ar. Gully, Ca. Gully, Ca. Dominic CerraCA. Robert McLintock, Jr. Woodb urn, V!

Gerald A. Rehab S. Carolyn S. Thomas A. Shirley L. Richard AndersonPioneer, CA. Debbie Ande rson, Pioneer, CA. Jean Dorall, Pioneer! Darlene Y. Richard W. Harlan L. Paul Brown ,! Johnny L. Rebecca T. John DukesLa. Lois M. Dukes, La. Terry WilsonLa. Gypsy N. Neil H. Ida L. Harvey B. Linda L. Brandi L. Richard B! Joe B. Ronald A.

Jeanette J. Sheryl L. David A. Whitehorn, Fl. Mary Whitehorn, Fl. James H. Janith E. Kyle L. William R. James T. Jordan, Al. WALTER G. Carl D. William Jarvis AlbanyGa. Elizabeth Jarvi s AlbanyGa.

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