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Especially once comic book characters started appearing more often. There is probably a far-reaching wave of influence over children that is worth studying here, but that definitely is not what this story is about. Such a highfalutin concept does come with a few admissions. I generally stuck to American cartoons - so those hoping for the wide-eyed world of anime may be disappointed - and, except for one instance, strove for variety by not using more than one character from the same show. Otherwise, I tried to be as all-encompassing as possible for a year-old with a family.

Otherwise, I tried to be as all-encompassing as possible for a year-old with a family. So pop on some pre-Code Betty Boop cartoons to carry us through this world of 2D beauty. Beyond being one of the coolest and funniest moms on TV - cutaway gag to Donna Reed dropping a dildo into a pie - Lois Griffin is also a raging fury of sexuality. The fact that she expends a lot of that flirtatious energy on seducing the brick-dumb Peter is mildly off-putting, but not enough to knock her off the list.

Fighting Sentinels is a good first date, right? The only commercial pitchwoman on this list, Erin Esurance began life as a catsuit-wearing spy, taking down bad guys while hocking insurance policies. Though successful, the campaign was then made weirder by having Erin animated to look younger and sexier, which really only worked to make the Internet burst at the seams with fan creations depicting Erin in even more heightened sexual poses.

Another character who experienced a slight transition in looks and tone, as she was both a hardnosed secretary and a nerd-hot fifth wheel, Janine was as much a Ghostbuster as the four guys, only without having to always go out and bust ghosts.

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But any iteration of Janine is welcome in my book, as the combination of red hair and glasses wins every time. But as a kid who was less interested in saving the ozone, and more interested in girls and stuff, the Asian Planeteer Gi was always a welcome sight.

Because she loves the water, Gi would probably be all about knocking boots at beaches and water parks, and in keeping her away from the rest of the team, I could ensure never having to awkwardly make small talk with Captain Planet.

Villainous perfection. The big bad from one of the coolest computer games of all time, Carmen Sandiego is a wily thief whose crimes are based more on challenges than malice.

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Worth it. Because ladies in science fiction rarely own T-shirts and blue jeans, ?on Flux generally had more skin showing than outfit, and it was all seen in a largely dialogue-free series of badass action sequences, in which she flipped and cartwheeled all over the place. Losing to her at Twister is on my bucket list.

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Helloooooo, Nurse! Animaniacs was a series full of throwback gags to the golden age of animation and Hollywood, and it turned an old vaudeville phrase into an hourglass-figured hottie that served as a nurse for the Warner Bros.

Believe it or not, the only movie studio nurse on this list. Seriously, her cape did a better job of covering things. She was smart, powerful, agile, and had her own talking unicorn that would allow nerve-wracking sex in the clouds. I mean, she is married to the doltish Barney. Bedrock slang for hottie: rock-beautiful.

Innocent Woman: Chicago Police Handcuffed Me While I Was Naked During Wrong Raid. CHICAGO (CBS) - Anjanette Young can't shake Feb. 21 out of her memory. It was a Thursday night, her night for

Incidentally, Child Me also thought that teenager Pebbles from The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show was a looker, but Adult Me felt like I was doing something wrong by looking at pictures of her now. History cleared, except for Betty. Adapting Ishiguro's infinitely layered novel is no easy task, but sci-fi legend in the making Alex Garland successfully distills the story down to its essence, and director Mark Romanek makes it as beautiful as possible, with major assists from cinematographer Adam Kimmel and composer Rachel Portman.

It's stunning, stripped-down sci-fi that uses the trappings of the genre to shine a light on what it means to be human, to have a soul, and to make the most of our time on earth.

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In an attempt to fix global warming, humanity dooms earth to a new ice age where a high-speed train runs on an infinite loop, shepherding the last remnants of the human race through the deadly cold. Such is the set up for Bong Joon-ho 's Snowpierceradapted from the French comic book Le Transperceneigewhich stages a violent revolution in the passenger cars of the ever-moving trains.

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The passengers who had economy tickets are stuck in a cabin of squalor, starving and desperate, while the first class passengers live in opulent indulgence. When the starving masses reach their breaking point, as starving masses tend to do, they stage a ferocious revolt, hacking their way through the train cars in the hopes of toppling the unjust post-apocalyptic class system. Chris Evans is cleverly cast as the anti-Captain America, Curtis, the man leading the charge.

He's a reluctant revolutionary with a skeleton in his closet so grim it's downright audacious, and he's eager to pass leadership off to his wizened mentor John Hurt.

But once the tide is unleashed, it can't be turned back, and though the people may be pitiful and broken down, they're a force when they're moving together. Each new train car brings a new threat and wild surprises, like one long house horrors, each more visually stunning and outlandish than the last.

Kinsey's data suggest that most penises aren't extreme show-ers or growers. About 12of penises gained one-third or less of their total length with Tesla to Expand Full Self-Driving Beta, But Top Safety Official Says It Needs to Tackle 'Basic Safety Issues' First The end may be too far out a for some, but Garland proves his canny gift for genre storytelling once again in one of the most challenging, rewarding, and

Sunshine is half of one of the best sci-fi movies of all time and half of an OK space horror. Director Danny Boyle assembled a first-rate cast for his space-bound crew, including Rose ByrneCillian MurphyMichelle YeohCliff CurtisBenedict WongHiroyuki Sanadaand Chris Evans in the first pre- Captain America role that gave him credit for his range of talent.

And he puts them to great use in a pulse-pounding, legitimately science-based space adventure for adults that was ever so slightly ahead of its time. Somewhat of a precursor to hyper-realistic space sagas like GravityInterstellarand The MartianSunshine takes the utmost care to endow its characters and circumstances with believability and weight that makes each feel like a piano wire.

A strap-on is like lube in the sense that it can make anyone's sex life better, regardless of their gender or sexuality. Suitable for vaginal sex, anal sex, blow jobs, manual sex, and So pop on some pre-Code Betty Boop cartoons to carry us through this world of 2D beauty. Lois Griffin. Beyond being one of the coolest and funniest moms In Australia's women's football team posed nude to raise money for the Sydney Olympics, 20 years on and the Matildas are among the favorites at France Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

One of the finest works of subversion in a decade full of them, John Carpenter 's cult classic They Live is a scathing takedown of yuppie culture and Reaganomics dressed up as an alien invasion actioner.

The set up is simple, a boldly cast Rowdy Roddy Piper slips on a pair of special sunglasses and discovers that the world has been overrun by WASPish aliens poisoning the masses with subliminal messages of submission. Then he kicks the shit out of them with Keith David.

Along the way, there's an iconic eight-minute back alley brawl, some utterly classic one-liners, and plenty of Carpenter's sharply directed action.

They Live is a fantastic combination of clever commentary and low-brow fun, a gutsy anthem to the working man, and downright entertainment.

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The feature film debut from writer-director Joe Cornish is so good it will make you upset Cornish hasn't directed anything in the years since. Moses John Boyega and his gang are in the middle of mugging a young woman Jodie Whittaker when big, furry, neon-toothed aliens start crashing down around them and they take it upon themselves to become the protectors of their neighborhood. The Edgar Wright -produced flick is a pure kinetic rush from beginning to end, Boyega is the find of a decade, and while the phrase "Amblin-esque" gets thrown around a lot, Cornish manages to capture that slippery magic and modernize it.

While most superhero movies technically fall into the realm of science fiction, there's usually a sheen of high fantasy that keeps them from truly feeling like part of the genre. Ultimately, they make up a genre of their own, something born out of sci-fi but distinct from it.

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James Mangold 's stunning, heartbreaking Wolverine send-off Logan breaks that mold with a grounded approach to genetic mutation, cloning, and Alzheimer's that genuinely pulls the science into the fiction however far-reaching that science may be. Set in a time long after the heroic antics of the previous X-Men films, Logan finds our titular hero in the Children of Men of mutants, a future where the superpowered genetic anomalies have simply stopped being born.

A fantastic and uivey2020.comecedented genre hybrid, Logan is a sci-fi western superhero movie for adults that takes an unadorned look at the nature and value of heroism, sacrifice, and finding a reason to stay in the fight.

Paul Verhoeven is a master of indefinable films. He delves eroticism, action, and science fiction with a heavily measured tongue-in-cheek satirical bent that is only matched by his unflinching regard for all things beyond the pale.

Total Recallwhich is one of his finest works, stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as your Average Joe, a regular dude who goes to the local Recall clinic - a place where you can have all the most wondrous memories implanted in your head - and ends up unlocking expertly repressed memories of his life as a secret agent.

That pits him against a string of countless government agents, including his stand-in wife Sharon Stone as he sets out to bring down a nefarious, if somewhat vague, agency. Based on a Philip K. What it lacks in coherence, it makes up for in pure panache, as Verhoeven explores the wonders of a futuristic society by upending genre conventions as often as it indulges in them.

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When a mysterious mist rolls into a quiet East Coast town with giant insectoid monsters in tow, the patrons and employees of the local supermarket are trapped together in a woefully outmatched fight for survival. Known for boasting one of the most brutal endings of all time, The Mist is a genre great thanks to its impeccable cast, Darabont's firm command of the tone and content, and the director's good sense to make the men and women as frightening as the monsters eating them alive.

And you've just got to love a movie that has the good sense to let Toby Jones play the unexpected hero. Neill Blomkamp 's directorial debut District 9 is the best kind of sci-fi; one that blends technical accomplishment, stylish filmmaking, and looks to a fantastical reality to provide worthwhile commentary on our own.

The plot centers on a race of refugee aliens known as Prawns, who land on Earth only to find themselves subjugated and shoved into ghettos. Set in South Africa, the film is rich with Apartheid allegory that Blomkamp embraces without veering into exploitation.

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Blomkamp also makes magic out of a limited budget with a film that looks outstanding, from the design of his extraterrestrials and their weatherworn technology to his choice of framing device. The film begins mockumentary style and subtly transitions into traditional cinematic POV, making for an experience that slowly draws the audience into the experience and suffering of the Prawns alongside our protagonists. It's a spectacular film about transformation and prejudice, and how quickly the systems of society can turn on that which they deem "other.

Sure, making a sequel to Ridley Scott 's seminal sci-fi classic some 35 years later sounded like a terrible idea on paper, but Denis Villeneuve 's meditative sequel is a proud successor to the original that maintains the standards of exquisite visuals and haunted existential ponderings. But Villeneuve doesn't just play copycat, he a new vision of humanity's bleak future pulled from the DNA of Syd Mead 's definitive designs, evolved, and brought to life with the extraordinary work of cinematographer Roger Deakins and production designer Dennis Gassner.

In the extraordinary hellscapes of humanity's own making, screenwriters Hampton Fancher who also co-wrote the original and Michael Green Logan dig deep into technological anxieties and spiritual searching that feel even more closely keyed to Philip K Dick 's source material than the original film.

Richly detailed and a downright marvel to look at, Blade Runner is an immersive, seriously slow-burn tech-noir searching for soul and the dream of humanity in a piteous future where both are in short supply. Alex Garland proved himself one of the most important voices in contemporary sci-fi filmmaking as a writer long before he got around to making his knockout directorial debut Ex Machinaand with his sophomore film Annihilationhe got more ambitious and way more hallucinogenic.

The story follows five scientists who venture into a mysterious, science-bending stretch of land known as Area X where discover all manner of exquisite and terrifying biological aberrations.

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Garland and his creative team do stunning work bringing the singular terrors of The Shimmer to life in breath-taking detail - be it a moment of beauty that gives a hitch in your throat to all-out existential terror that knocks the wind out of your lungs.

But Anniliation 's most transcendent moments are deeply rooted in metaphor, exploring the human propensity for self-destruction with elegantly structured sequences of overlapping visual, narrative and thematic beats so that the whole sprawling, cosmic affair spirals inward, striking at the soft spots of the human experience.

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The end may be too far out a for some, but Garland proves his canny gift for genre storytelling once again in one of the most challenging, rewarding, and downright ballsy sci-fi movies ever made. Part Jesus allegory, part corporate satire, all Paul Verhoeven. The irreverent director applies his wry wizardry to police privatization with the story of a Detroit cop who's resurrected and rebuilt after dying violently in the line of duty.

Without his memories or sense of identity, officer Alex Murphy Peter Weller becomes a ferocious force for law and order - at least as it's programmed by the people who own him. While offering commentary on corporate clean-up of street crime, Verhoeven also delivers a delightfully pulpy revenge tale as Murphy starts to regain his memories and makes it his mission to eliminate the ruthless criminals who murdered him including a gleeful, scenery mangling Kurtwood Smith.

Verhoeven's great trick is his skill at navigating tricky tonal terrain, knowing exactly when to blunt the impact of tragedy and sharpen the prod of wit.

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RoboCop is an energetic and joyful evisceration of corrupt social systems and big business tactics, while also being a downright bombastic sci-fi actioner about one badass cyborg. What is time travel without a little paradox? Like most films in the time travel subgenre, if you scrutinize Looper too hard, you're going to run into some logical roadblocks.

But unlike the multitudes of inferior films, Rian Johnson 's Looper builds a world so immersive and evocatively drawn, the timeline will be the last place you want to look.

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Looper tells of a future where time travel has been invented but immediately outlawed, used only by organized crime syndicates to send marks back in time and dispose of the bodies without a trace. The plot follows a hitman known as a Looper Joseph Gordon-Levittwhose life is thrown into chaos when his older self Bruce Willis becomes the one target he can't execute.

The first half of the film is an inventive spin on familiar tropes with a welcome flair for world-building, but ultimately its purpose is to establish time travel as a narrative framing device for the surprising core of complex family drama in the second half. Johnson is the kind of skilled filmmaker that knows the rules so well, he knows exactly how and when to break them, and as a result, Looper is filled with moments of delightful surprise.

Johnson takes great pains to ensure his film closes its own loop elegantly, and he's willing to go surprisingly dark to get there.

Looper is still a few years out from being recognized as the modern sci-fi classic it is, but no doubt time prove the film's staying power. A story about a modern man who falls in love with his operating system sounds about as on-the-nose as it gets, but in the hands of writer-director Spike Jonzeit's a poignant and perceptive look, not only at our dependent relationship with technology but the ephemeral nature of romantic connection and the ways we cling to each other out of fear of loneliness.

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Jonze paints an unusual portrait of the future in that it actually looks like a nice place to be. Warm-toned, perhaps a bit crowded, but ultimately a slightly more beautiful version of the world we live in now.

Directed by Nigel Cole. Written by Juliette Towhidi and Tim Firth. (PG, minutes. At Bay Area Theaters.) Four years ago, matrons from a tiny English village hit on a bold idea for a fund Jessie J is leaving nothing to the imagination. Yup, she recently stripped down to her birthday suit to celebrate turning 33 years old. And she looks ah-mazing in the selfie. There is a little Tactical Girls: With Nicole Stamp, Melissa D'Agostino, Maria Vacratsis, Diana Bentley. It's para-military hilarity when three crass women who work at a trucking company go on nightly tactical missions to empower themselves against their belligerent boss, until one mission goes totally off

When the first A. is introduced to the world, Theodore Joaquin Phoenixa man devastated by his recent divorce, downloads and meets Samantha Scarlett Johanssona charming and kind consciousness beyond his comprehension who is discovering herself with each new second. Before long, they fall in love, but as you might imagine, it's a tricky romance and one that leaves broken hearts behind as Samatha continues to embrace her alternate experience of life and love.

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