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Well, unless you were Thomas Cromwell or Margaret Pole, that is. There were some instances when King Henry opted for a simpler execution - death by hanging.

Most hangings were done at Tyburn. When the prisoner was brought to the gallows they would have been greeted by a large crowd that sometimes grew topeople.

Among the people would have been people selling food and souvenirs. The gallows were common place for pickpockets to grow their wealth amongst the crowd. When the prisoner or prisoners were led to the gallows the hangman would uncoil the free end of the rope from them and throw it up to one of the assistants on the beam above who then tied it to the beam leaving very little slack.

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Ropes were also tied to the carts or stools from which the prisoners stood and the other end was attached to horse, and at the time of execution the horses were whipped away, pulling the prisoners off the carts and leaving them suspended. Edmund Dudley yes, he was kin to Robert Dudley - his grandfather and Robert Empson in King Henry used their execution as a way to set the tone for his reign. He wanted to be liked and he knew by removing these two men that his subjects would rejoice in him.

Many people blamed both Empson and Dudley for the difficulty they had during the reign of Henry VII. That King Henry was notorious for taxing his subjects and many believed it was Empson and Dudley who were to blame. Dudley and Empson were executed 17 Auguston Tower Hill, presumably by beheading and was buried at London Blackfriars and Empson at London Whitefriars.

For their success during the reign of Henry VII they paid the ultimate price, their life, under the rule of the new king - Henry VIII.

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Edmund de la Pole was the son of John de la Pole and Elizabeth Plantagenet, Edmund was nephew to Edward IV and future Richard III. After the execution of Edward Plantagenent, Earl of Warwick inEdmund de la Pole was the next York claimant to the throne. Plus, when John de la Pole died Edmund had requested he receive the dukedom of Suffolk, which Henry VIII denied. InSuffolk, along with his brother Richard, fled to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian.

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Supporters of the York family gathered around the Earl of Suffolk in Flanders in the knowledge that they were safe under the protection of Maximilian. Henry had no choice but to act decisively.

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Not only was there an obvious threat to him developing in Flanders, he had lost his eldest son, Arthur, to illness. Prince Henry was also a far from a strong boy then and his third son, Edmund, was already dead.

Henry had to demonstrate that he was a strong and well-established king. Sir James Tyrell, a former Constable of the Tower, was executed.

He had been Governor of Guisness when Suffolk had fled there and this was enough to seal his fate. Maximilian agreed to a treaty in to not back Edmund de la Pole should he make an attempt for the English throne. Then inwhen Philip of Burgundy Philip the Handsome was blown of course and expectantly became a guest, along with his wife Juana of Castile, of King Henry VII he was at the mercy of the desperate English king.

Henry convinced Philip to hand over Edmund de la Pole so long as he only imprisoned him and did not harm him. Unfortunately his son, Henry VIII did not follow through on the instructions of the two deceased rulers and executed de la Pole on the 30th of April Read Full Article Here - Victims of Henry VIII: Edmund de la Pole.

Edward Stafford was the son of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and his wife, Katherine Woodville. Katherine was the sister of Elizabeth Woodville who was queen consort to King Edward IV Grandfather to Henry VIII. When Elizabeth Woodville married the King of England her kin were lucky enough to be given good marriages, titles and land.

Her sister Katherine was no exception. At roughly seven years old, just before the coronation of her sister, Katherine was married to Henry Stafford - Stafford was merely 11 years old.

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An Italian ambassador at the time wrote that Edward Stafford resented having to marry someone of such low birth - this was a common sentiment at the time at English court. Many resented the Woodville family and regarded them as upstarts.

Forty-four years after their marriage and five monarchs later, Edward Stafford found himself in a heap of trouble. If something were to happen to the King and his daughter Mary then Stafford would be considered next in line to succeed to the throne of England.

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After Henry VIII heard of these claims he ordered an investigation. It is treason to speak of, yet imagine the death of the King. On the 8th of Aprilthe Duke was ordered to London from his castle at Thornbury. He set out for the court, seemingly unaware of any danger that may lie ahead.

He was greatly shocked when he was arrested and brought to the Tower. Stafford denied all charges. A jury of 17 of his peers led by the Duke of Norfolk found him guilty.

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It was reported that Norfolk wept when the verdict was read. This morning the late Duke of Buckingham was taken from the Tower to the scaffold, at the usual place of execution, with a guard of infantry.

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He addressed the populace in English. The corpse was immediately placed in a coffin and carried to the church of the Austin Friars, accompanied by six friars and all the infantry. As with Edmund de la Pole, Edward Stafford would not be the last of those with royal blood and viable claims to the crown of England being executed. Read Full Article Here - Victims of Henry VIII: Edward Stafford.

Her prophecies were ultimately her downfall. From there the story of the prophetic girl grew and grew. Eventually Barton left her job as a servant and became a Benedictine nun.

It was when she started prophesying about the King of England that she got into some hot water. Elizabeth Barton was not alone, also implicated in her downfall were six monks. At that point it was too late and there was too much evidence to prove their involvement.

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On the 20th of AprilBarton and five of the monks were all drawn on a hurdle fastened to a hurdle, or wooden panel, and drawn by horse to the place of execution from the Tower of London to Tyburn. At Tyburn they were hanged and beheaded with their heads set on London Bridge or at the gates of the city, which was customary to warn off others from participating in similar antics. One of the monks received a stay of execution and was pardoned. It is believed that he signed the oath of succession Elizabeth Barton was around 28 years old when she was executed.

Read Full Article Here - Victims of Henry VIII: Elizabeth Barton. In the summer ofnot only were Sir Thomas More and Bishop John Fisher executed but also three monks. All five men refused to swear the oath of supremacy and acknowledge Henry VIII as supreme head of the Church of England.

Their penalty was death. The monks were all hanged, drawn and quartered while More and Fisher were beheaded. Read Full Article Here - Victims of Henry VIII: More, Fisher and Three Monks.

George Boleyn, Francis Weston, Mark Smeaton, Henry Norris, William Brereton and Anne Boleyn were all executed as part of the campaign to bring down Queen Anne. The men were all executed on the 17th and Anne on the 19th of May. They were all beheaded.

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The men by axe and Anne more mercifully by sword. Experience More About Anne Boleyn Here - The Final Days of Anne Boleyn.

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In the Pilgrimage of Grace warranted Henry to execute more people including Robert Aske and many of those involved in the uprising. Also inThomas Fitzgerald, 10th Earl of Kildare, and five FitzGerald uncles James, Oliver, Richard, John and Walter were executed at Tyburn for treason and rebellion. Thomas had renounced his allegiance to Henry VIII. On 3 Februarythe remaining Fitzgerald men who had been imprisoned were executed as traitors at Tyburn.

They were hanged, drawn and quartered. After the Pilgrimage of Grace, many conservative nobles were accused of treason, including Edward Neville who was arrested on 3 Novemberfor conspiracy, along with his cousin Henry Pole son of Margaret Pole.

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Read More About the Fitzgerald Clan Here - Elizabeth Fitzgerald: The Fair Geraldine. Edward Neville was sent to the Tower, tried at Westminster, and beheaded on 8 December at Tower Hill. The following day, on the 9th of DecemberHenry Courtenay, 1st Marquess of Exeter who was also convicted of being part of the Exeter Uprising and corresponding with Reginald Pole, was beheaded on Tower Hill.

On the 9th of Januarythe last man to be charged with high treason for their involvement in the Exeter Uprising, Henry Pole, 1st Baron Montagu, was executed on Tower Hill. Read More About Sir Nicholas Carew and His Wife Here - Elizabeth Carew: Wife of Treason.

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July saw another execution of a man who Henry VIII would greatly regretThomas Cromwell, nearly appointed Earl of Essex. Unfortunately for Cromwell, the executioner is thought to have been either an amateur or had been out the night before drinking heavily because he did quite a number on the man.

Chronicler Edward Hall wrote that, And then made he his prayer, which was long, but not so long, as both godly and learned, and after committed his soul, into the hand of God, and so patiently suffered the stroke of the axe, by a ragged and butcherly miser, which very ungoodly performed the office.

Portrait of Thomas Cromwell, Hans Holbein the Younger, In several members of the Plantagenet household in Calais were arrested on suspicion of treason, on the charge of plotting to betray the town to the French.

One of them was the illegitimate son of King Edward IV, Arthur Plantagenet, Lord Lisle.

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Lisle was eventually released only to die from a heart attack shortly after. Additional evidence was gathered against Leonard Grey, Deputy of Ireland, and so on the 25th of July he was convicted of treason and on the 28th he too was executed. Read More About Thomas Cromwell Here - Thomas Cromwell: Downfall and Execution.

The most notable of all the executions of this time was the elderly Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury in May of I believe, she is the oldest person to be executed at the Tower of London.

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Read More About Margaret Pole Here - The Last Plantagenet. He, along with other men, were charged with the murder of a simple man and an unlawful assembly in Sussex.

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He died for helping illegals gain citizenship. Also, around this time, a child named Richard Mekins, not yet 15, had been heard speaking against the sacrament of the altar contrary to the Six Articles.

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It is believed that the child only repeated words he heard others speak. At the end ofwe also see the arrest of another queen to King Henry VIII, Katherine Howard.

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Katherine was accused of dissolute living before her marriage with one Francis Dereham, and that many had known about their relationship. She was also suspected of having an affair with Thomas Culpeper.

All three were arrested as was Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford. For their confessions, Culpeper and Dereham were executed on the 10th of December. On the 13th of Februaryboth Katherine Howard and Jane Boleyn were beheaded on the Tower Green by axe. Read More About Katherine Howard Here - Katherine Howard: The End of Her Story. Read More About Anne Askew Here - Religious Persecution: Anne Askew. Kesselring, K. Rawdon Brown London,pp.

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