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The comedic Teen Titans of Teen Titans Go. Take on their serious counterparts when villains from each of their worlds team up to pit the two Titan teams against each other. Robin : Remember, we have to play along with this to save our Earth. Don't go too hard on those "baby versions" of us. Robin : [Teen Titans Go!

The Slapping Butts parts are always removed in Southeast Asia and RSEE because of inappropriate content for, in this case, the episode should've been called "Celebrating for No Reason".

The episode is banned in Southeast Asia and RSEE because of gross content bad animation, the giant butt, and the Poop Song. In Beast Boy's story, Raven scaring him with her Medusa mode was cut out on Asian airings because of scary references to children. This episode is completely removed from the Philippines broadcast due to it being romantic-themed, which is unacceptable for the company's executives.

The other thing to blame is the HQ x PI Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy easter egg due to LGBT content.

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In UK, Israel, Ireland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Portugal airings, the Thighs song was cut out due to sexuality. But in the West, the thighs were biurred out. However, the DVD version left this song uncut.

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In SEA, the ep ended immediately after Robin found the egg. Any instance of Cyborg suffering from Ultralak is cut in SEA by obvious terrifying reasons.

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Same applies to Part 5 during the titular song. Any Ice Zombie gore is cut in SEA by obvious reasons, again. This involved all the chopping Robin did.

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This episode is banned in the West due to a few references of Nickelodeon shows including Dora the Explorer and Blues Clues. Normally, some countries where the show aired on Nickelodeon banned the show from airing on Nick. Edits can be seen here.

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But every so often, Teen Titans Go! steps over the line. Witness the scene from the episode "Real Magic," in which Beast Boy waits on Raven's bed, clad only in his underwear, having set the mood with candles and a scatter of rose petals. She's not interested, but the implications of the moment are clear - and pretty adult. Kids might not grasp the full meaning of the scene, but in the minds of many adults, it's better not to test that theory.

Find the perfect Teen Titans Go stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Teen Titans Go of the highest quality The following list is a compilation of Teen Titans Go! episodes that had certain scenes changed due to varying reasons in the United Kingdom and other countries. Anytime Robin uses his staff to hit someone is removed in some parts of Asia due to violent content. Episodes affected are: "The album version. nightwish. 1. Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans - "Full of Yourself" (Exclusive) added by rakshasa. @DC -Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans is now available digitally. Look for it on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD everywhere on October 15, video. teen titans go! vs. teen titans

In fact, UK fans have reported the shot cut from their broadcast. isn't exactly reverent when it comes to the DC canon.

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Where iconic animated series like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited became beloved for their serious approach to superheroes, Teen Titans Go! treats the genre more like a carnival. If a hero can be made silly, they will be. If a power can be mocked as ridiculous, it will be. Trigon might be the terror of a thousand galaxies in the comics, but on Teen Titans Go!

Yet Teen Titans Go! is just as much a DC property as any sober-minded entry into the canon, nor is it any less fun for a DC diehard to watch.

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Every single episode is jam-packed with references, shout-outs, and in-jokes, some of them among the most obscure ever put into a DC cartoon. Wonder Twin Zan can be seen as Robin ates his social media accounts.

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Jonah Hexthe Challengers of the Unknownand Balloon Man turn up for the team's big-screen debut. Nite Owl - that's right, the one from Watchmen - pops up beside Green Lantern, on movie posters, and in pictures pinned to bedroom walls.

i s an absolute smorgasbord of content for fans eager to glimpse their favorites, even if they're D-list Silver Age bad guys, heroes from R-rated masterpieces, or minor characters from the Titans' incarnation.

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made its mission clear from the very first episode: silliness to the extreme, with a generous dollop of outright bad taste. Butt jokes, bad puns, extensive mocking of Batman - it's all fair game. Many viewers, especially kids, love it for exactly those reasons, but there have always been those who can't stand its goofy approach to one of DC's most beloved superteams. Fans of the series have especially made their displeasure known, but while younger viewers might not realize this, Teen Titans Go!

has addressed those critics directly in what have informally become known as the "hater episodes. These episodes, starring ultra-nerd Control Freak as an aggrieved fan, essentially thumb their noses at those most vocally displeased with Teen Titans Go!

In "The Fourth Wall," Control Freak even plays clips from the cartoon to compare the current team unfavorably against, only to have his fandom roundly rebuffed. But he's undaunted, appearing again and again to taunt the Titans with deleted scenes, s Filmation-style sequences, and an endless supply of complaints, nitpicks, and rants.

  Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans: Directed by Jeff Mednikow. With Greg Cipes, Rhys Darby, Grey Griffin, Sean Maher. The comedic Teen Titans of Teen Titans Go. Take on their serious counterparts when villains from each of their worlds team up 7/10(3,1K) Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat , , ,

He is, in short, the sort of commentator who's dogged the series from day one and the show misses no opportunity to make it clear, through him, how they feel about that segment of Titans fandom. Slade, known in the comics as Deathstroke the Terminator, was a long time coming to Teen Titans Go! Teased in background gags and episode titles, he was the team's main villain, one of the s team's major menaces, and an increasingly major part of the DC universe as a whole.

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Finally, he made his Teen Titans Go! debut in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies only to be mistaken for Deadpool. Given Deadpool's R-ratedness, this gag was already meant more for adults in the audience.

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But there's a whole other level of reference to this joke only the most seasoned of Titans fans grd: Deadpool was, in fact, a rip-off of Slade. When Deadpool co-creator and artist Rob Liefeld presented writer Fabian Nicieza with his early concepts of the character, Nicieza actually remarked, "This is Deathstroke from the Teen Titans.

In fact, Nicieza christened the character Wade Wilson, an overt joke to Deathstroke's name, Slade Wilson. None of that matters to the Titans, of course, nor the kids watching, but to the savvy adults in the audience, it's a joke decades in the making.

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Teen Titans is, as expected, a treat for fans of the series. Animation styles are compared, catchphrases are shared, and 's Robin struggles to figure out whether or not his three-heads-tall counterpart is the "baby Robin," the "jerk Robin," or the "bobblehead Robin. And oh boy, are there a lot of Titans on a whole lot of Earths.

Robin4life bakes is right. i never liked starfire, bcuz she is too girly,''slow'', and retarded. but raven is just pure awesomeness 4 robin. they r the perfect couple and thats what should've happened in the series. in the times that starfire would almost leave the titans, the 4th of July would go off in my head. but when she would stay, the atomic bomb would go off in my head   Teen Titans Go! is an absolute smorgasbord of content for fans eager to glimpse their favorites, even if they're D-list Silver Age bad guys, heroes Author: Juliet Kahn @hotteengirls_

In bringing a multiverse into play, Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans unloads every single bit of Titans-related trivia, reference, and in-joke it can think of, much to the enjoyment of grown-up fans everywhere.

Among the Titans glimpsed are the Titans of the Teen Titans: The Judas Contract film, the Filmation era, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani's Tiny Titans comics, and, most charmingly of all, the Titans of Marv Wolfman and George Perez's s New Teen Titans series, which created the Titans as fans have come to love them today.

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That last group is the only one to remain bound to the comics from which the team sprang, communicating in speech bubbles and moving in jerky, page-turning bursts. It's a joy for anyone to watch but especially a fan who's stuck with the team through years, mediums, and age ranges. Even the dourest detractor can't help but admire Teen Titans Go!

But it's not just the look of the show that impresses - it's how many obscure, inventive, and outright weird animation in-jokes that Teen Titans Go! manages to pack in, to the delight of cartoon nerds and professional animators everywhere.

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