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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. You can temporarily switch back to a Classic Literotica experience during our ongoing public Beta testing. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I have always been into testing myself, pushing myself beyond my limits and finding new limits to push. I have always enjoyed a little pain with my pleasure and pushing my pain endurance has become my obsession.

To Me Not Give AF. my life is completely empty and full of artificial values. how do i change it? How do we get rid of the non-virgin normie filth ruining our board? What is the final solution? Are whores redeemable? v Some days, some nights Some Iive some die ln the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun. When did you give up? Should I give up on having a family. Isnt it amazing how women have all sorts of really high minimum standards for men that narrow the pe.

How do I stop living off of ego? Unless I am convinced that I am a special human with a purpose beyo. Where in Texas do I go? be honest: have you ever been used to make someone else jealous? how did it make you feel when you. I'm going to jerk off to shemale porn forever, and nobody can stop me.

I wanna suck shemale co. I'm starting to realize that the reason I'm alone is because I'm mentally ill. here are your options as an incel: 1: kill yourself, like actually do it, take some pills or shoot y. from what smartphone price range do you become a dumb consooomer?

i just want a good camera for taki. Anyone just accepted being a coomer? Any chubby or thicc femanons want to talk? All the chubby and thicc chicks on tinder cant hold a con. Would you be upset if you found out your paid cuddle buddy was also an escort?

For tonights Feelcast, it's a partly cloudy night apart from some rain with a strong chance of. going out on movie dates with a girl, playing video games with a girl, arguing with a girl, getting.

why do people reply to everyone in a thread with inane garbage? I don't get it. Why does a nursing fetish almost exclusively belong to boys with mommy issues? Fembots when was the last time you showered? Would you put off showering if your bf asked? Six times victim of false rape accusations: I survived though, still with clean history. Just tellin. Is it really true that most rape victims experience an orgasm during their rape and that they fantas.

Good night: why are you still awake anon? go to sleep, it's late. okay what i am about to ask is degenerate and i know its degenerate. but this is a desire of mine i. which vaccine should I get?

or give me any good reason not to and how you get into places that requi. I need to kill myself. However what stops me is traumatizing my family because I live with them.

Didn't see you there. I was tricked into sucking dick? Was it rape? Sure, you might be clinging to hopes of b. Are normal folks just open about their fetishes? How do people get in relationships where they share.

why didn't obito suffer any ill affects from using his mangenkyo sharingan? how do i respond to this? for context pretend this is a random co. College is brutal, I'm beginning to understand what ER was talking about. Even just a fucking h. I literally look like pic related but with glasses. Ive watched too much moe anime and now I unironically have gender dysphoria, I despise being a man. I am a fudanshi: Yes, a fudanshi, not a 'homosexual'. In fact, I'm actually straight, most fuda.

What would you do if a short femboy twink friend of yours wanted to hug you in public for helping hi. What body types do girls like? Depressed robots, do you also find the advice from well meaning normies to be non applicable to your.

Black fembots of r9k: there are millions of white men who want you. I want to put my bwc in you and. Is it gay to be a male secretary? I got offered a job as one in a big company. Fembots how hard would it be for your bf to convince you to fart in their face? Are there any hikki NEET communities left around here?

How the fuck do people find the motivation to wageslave when there are people making MILLIONS of dol. I am only willing to be friends with someone as long as they do not have other friends besides me. How do you stop being so reflexively nice? Primarily at work whenever anyone asks me to do anything.

Should I ask my cousins to help me get laid? I'm wondering how I should go about this. I have decided to pledge myself to only jerk off to Mikhaila Peterson. I already mostly COOM to her. I'm ESL, how do you pronounce ?? Why do normalfags think it's wrong to say that certain races are more intelligent by nature whe. When I was 18 I used to pretend to be like Jotaro whenever I went outside to help cope with my anxie.

I feel a strong motivational impulse, I don't know what is but I can feel it. fuck nihilism. Have you ever encountered on. I felt the need to visit again. I thought I m. When you're attempting to date someone, would you prefer being friends first or go straight to. The game is rigged. How do you cope and seethe, robot? I'm tired of being a loser and I'm tired of meeting people on 4chan.

Are there really Kobeni gfs? why don't you embrace celibacy, anon? it's better to admit to your true nature than keep s. While we fuck in. At this point, I think my fear of emasculation is greater than my autism.

Women have made it like it. We can do this if we work together. Like some people don't real. a matched with a qt on tinder who said to send comedy podcast recommendations what's the best c.

Stop being depressed and come play some rounds. Please rate my donation app idea. Alright anons, should I stay in chastity for the next 24 hours?

Majority decides. there is zero point to being alive as an ugly girl. consequences of fucking a trap: r9k frens, i've been talking to a degenerate little sissy slut. reading you unholy bunch whining about a m. I realized today that you should try to understand someone before you judge them because nobody chos. Asked this earlier but I'm an idiot and let it die but still wanted thoughts on it Fembots say.

Toll Paid: Roasties and their taste in men. I'm an extremely perverted girl and I love browsing here! Im thinking about getting back on dope. Im better now than i was when i was shooting up heroin, but. I really wish I knew what women wanted from me socially, anons. It's obvious I'm doing som. Summers are going to be much hotter next year and in the future We're fucked. My only cope is.

why do women refuse to feel remorse for it? for some reason a young man is to blame for the 'patriar. The size of your head matters to women. They are more attracted to bigger heads. How do normies have sex with no fear of consequences? I'd have fear if I slept with a stranger. Just got released from the hospital a month ago and im now going schizo mode again unironically you. i only have 2 shots of alcohol before next wednesday when i get paid : ive already taken 6 or 7 but.

Is it okay to upload a picture on Tinder from when I was 17? The reason is t. I'm considering going to the psych ward to escape wagecucking.

Is this a bad idea bros? or just another meme? The mere concept of 'love' is what fuels the pop. how much self destruction would be cured if people just told young men that they matter? i saw someo. What makes someone a good partner? I have a good job, a house, a car, i play vidya, watch anime, tak. I would love to make new friends on here : I'm a badass goth vampire and i would lov.

I got beer and am ofc obliged to come here and tell you this. Well it's destiny, I believe in d. Anons post your Need help: OK here it is I am currently married. My wife is in Los Angeles me in NY. She is a good w. In relation to the capacity to be rational and to be moral, are men and women equal? Why or why not? Can anyone share their spotify playlist for me to listen to at work?

I'm looking for something. Why do I get random bursts of motivation that always end with me feeling worse than before? I don't understand the female mentality. They choose to wear these revealing swimsuits that are.

Thin girl pusy blood

How do you cope with the fact that attractive men and women with good genes literally play life on e. Is anyone else here only willing to be friends with someone that doesnt have any other friends? Pimples: Do you let your sister pop your pimples? also, how can you tell if 2 people are related? i will not die, i will survive i will not die, i'm waiting for you i'm feeling alive when. If you were JBP, why would you ever have allowed another man to have your daughter?

Imagine pumping. I am an enthusiastic hate. Man I've been in denial for so long, but it's just true at the end of the day. Women love. Imagine for a second if you would, what it would be to be a girl and never having to feel that utter.

To Women, The resentments do not abate. the disgust does not abide. one day your decadent state wil. They found the Zodiac Killer. He died in When he died, his friend posted this on facebook.

Jordan Peterson: How did one extremely mediocre canadian professor turn into the posterchild for mod. weird things you do thread: if I post an image multiple times I change the filename each time so peo. Apparently every single person is a white male in their mid 20s: Apparently it is impossible for any. Autistic ear plugs: Hello, fellow autist here. Been thinking about getting pic related because I. why do women get to gatekeep sex?

Why do they get to choose who they get to bless with sex? how does. Schizo here, tism fags have it infinitely better than guys like me it's over. So uh, how to know when a girl is actually really busy or just ignoring your texts? Hard structure inside penis where shaft meets head normal? I really don't get the whole stigma of adult guys owning stuffed animals.

I own a bunch and kee. How I am still a virgin? anyone here borderline? i fit the symptoms to a fucking T from looking online, it seems BPD for wome.

when the financial aid calls telling me to get another class or they'll rip my grant funds for. Troons and incels are the same. They both are men who idolize an imagined woman, both are really jus. What were your parents doing when they were at your age? Me, 24 now and a fucking loser faggot frien.

How do I feel positive? Hello, robots. How are you guys doing this evening? It's me again, the gendarme wizard. What ar. I wanna go on a date to a fancy restaurant with a cute boy in a frilly dress! i am a misanthrope and i hate myself: i hate being a material being!

i hate it i hate it i hate it! incel video games: Why aren't there any games with an incel protagonist? Will companies always not be liable for future vaccines because thats kind of fucked up.

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I don't get it, if homosexuals men and women aren't attracted to the opposite sex, how com. I'm done with you fucking cunts you're all pathetic, I'm 6'4, have a good frame.

I hate women that come to this board above all other women. These women only come here to observe th. She's got nice hip. I'm skinnyfat and I want to be skinny, how do I proceed? I already smoke cigs. Based opinions thread: I think porn producers should all be investigated by the FBI, a lot of them h. Reminder to all homosexuals on here: You are degenerate unnatural sub-human waste. You are a detrime. dante i hope you still lurk here. surely you didnt come back just to talk to me.

i hope you recogniz. I have not looked at porn or felt the urge to masturbate since I got a girlfriend last week, and we. I still think about that one time one of my classmates hugged me back in that was nice.

How can some girls spread their legs so far apart when they're getting fucked? My boyfriend was. How do you get a girlfriend when girls are in high demand? Why happened to the old Eminem that hated women and let everyone know about it? Post your favorite w.

I see some of the most charismatic and funny people on here, the way some of you respond to some pos. How do brown eye cels cope? Anyone else love piss boners? You know, the erections you get from having to pee. It feels way more. friend i want to know if you are alive. if you are alive dante please let me know. I convinced a cutie to let me lick her pussy, but I have one major concern.

Will people be able to s. Pretty sure the reason Im having such a hard time getting a job is because of my visible tattoos Sexhaving incel? To a large exten. I'd rather the woman do all the penetrating in the relationship bros. I'm just not into fu. There's no culture on earth that doesn't have issues, so I'm not saying this to singl. don't you love the way our female superiors fuc. i may be a 5'7' nafri subhuman manlet, but i promise, i will reach six feet one day.

This will. is there a point to contributing to society if you're an unwanted beta male? I don't think. How can I have a decent German level? Reminder that Chad has women throwing themselves at him while you sit in your parents basement brows.

there is literally nothing and no one on this earth that makes me happy. I want to fucking die but I. Does anyone actually, unironically, seriously hate women? Is that a thing that happens?

Do people do. What kind of bullshit is this? WANTED: Timothy Simpkins for Texas hs shooting: But wait they told me that only white incel domestic. i wish i had a real life, real friends and experiences.

i'm tired of online stuff. for the last. Bambi Sleep: Has anyone tried this? What were your results? I've been looking for hypnosis to c. God im so fucking angry and sad all the time. I want to scream but i know it wont do anything.

I wan. HEY WOMEN YES PRETTY WOMEN YES YOU YOU WANT LE THIS? LE SOME OF THIS CUCHI CUCHI CUCHI? YES YES OR N. Guy makes a thoughtful post, wants to start a discussion. He dosen't get a single reply Guy. Were you ever invited for a pussy licking session ahen you were in highschool or middle school? Im lucky i have a cute pussy that isnt roast. wanna get drunk n nasty Huh wanna get drunk n nasty ye.

Normies are fucking chimp-brained animals who will act like the world is over if their kike-owned so. I hate both. I'm just someone who loves. Please Professor-sama, stop giving me assignments I'm not strong enough What's the best way to commit the die painlessly at home.

Sick of the cope and life is shit. If I fail this, I die. I die in a bed alone. And like all people wanna. Alright robots it's time to tell me your college dorm stories about how everyone else had sex b. Sexbots will never replace a real woman. Okay, let's say you met someone on 4chan and somehow they eventually became your girlfriend. How do you dress?

I am always extremely self consciou. Everyone else believed I wa. Ankha zone: I fucking hate this piece of shit video and i don't even know why. Let them. fembots, would you like to be locked in a cage with me and my robros while we beat you up and occasi. THERE ARE GIRLS ON THIS BOARD AS WE SPEAK ANONS! QUICK START SAYING BAD WORDS SO THEY'LL THINK. How to Deal with Christcucks: What's the best way to own Christcucks in a debate on the existen.

To the non-virgins in this board? Did losing your virginity change you or made you feel better? Do y. go get a haircut, bros: i asked for 15mm on the top and 3mm on the sides, and the cute barber girl t. Existence is pain. I don't give a shit about being an incel or fat or being a fu. Complaining feels bad when you remember there are plenty of anime characters with way more tragic ch. Are hats based or cringe? I have a weird ass shaped head I've tried every single hair style an. Do you remember the first picture you saw that awakened your fetish?

Pic related is mine.

I'm i. I will kill all who disagree and disrespect me with my huge HITLER RAILWAY BEHEMOTH CANNON GUN all o. Hitting a new low: idk what to do anymore. I found a fembot who was willing to talk to me a bit on d.

ass worship thread: let's worship female ass god i want to sniff it, fuck it, lay my head on i. From beginning to end. I have learned that coping is better than living in accordance with reality.

I once dated a girl who couldnt handle a pinky finger. 90K day. m p @@@ B @[email protected]@ K day. 28m p. treergerherh reeses pieces thicknstacked freak mob media. 87K day. 6m p. Girl Scout Jenise Hart Will Do Anything To Sell Cookies. 66K day. 24m p. Bbw callgirl fucked. 92K day. 60m p. Lauren Pixie "Girl say to boy then maybe people say girl is bad "Bad," I corrected. "Bad," she repeated, this This is a trick I've often used to get the blood out of my dick when it decides to stiffen at inopportune moments. I hold a Her hair was up in a ponytail exposing a long slender neck and she was wearing a thin You are about to enter a website that contains explicit material (pornography). This website should only be accessed if you are at least 18 years old or of legal age to view such material in your local jurisdiction, whichever is greater

If you feel like there. Why is everybody watching this now? Is it actually some kino or just normie bullshit. Q: were latinx boys created for the sole purpose of pleasuring big blanco men? A: si, papi. I'm legitimately going to die of a heart problem in the next few years lads. I watched a 14 minute blender tutorial yeah that's enough work for the day. Time to relax an. Why don't we ever see good looking homeless people? Don't say it's because they don.

How do you feel about being musky in a way. Women are so fucking great. Why do I have to be an incel retard and run them off. men are raped more than women. Rape is a largely male issue in that we commit the m men are commit t.

I feel invisible sometimes. I was chatting with a group of people about a project, and quite literal. Do women really look at all potential mates in terms of 'value'? Wow I couldn't do that. I beli. Why do we prefer originality?

Idea thin girl pusy blood opinion

Machines perform the same task over and over, could we liberate machin. Lonely People: If you feel lonely and you have no one to talk with this is your thread. Come here an. well, that's it I'm finally going bald and I never managed to smash before hitting the wal. Here you go anon, your daily dose of anime boobies to make you a little bit happier. Guess who's gonna go out today and try to talk to at least one bbw at the mall?

I'm thinki. I ate calories today. I was aiming for onlyI had only eaten around around 7pm but I. LIFE ADVICE FOR INCELS: All those bad feelings that you have towards women can only affect you, mean. Female anus too close to vagina. is it normal to lose almost lbs in less than a year even though im eating im so fucking veiny i h. Love is not what you say, love is wha. Just here to say thank you to the anon who suggested I listen to this album several months ago.

At f. Why is r9k so fucking dead now bruhs? This place used to be poppin back in music thread: does anyone still listen to witchhouse or has everyone already moved on to hyperpop? To Women, Admit that you're a shitty, awful person and the villain in all your stories. If you voted Donald trump you're literally the biggest beta imaginable 'oh please mr. Rich man.

I managed to get myself a girlfriend on this god forsaken website. Or rather she's the one that. I want to miserably slave away and climb the corporate ladder for my entire 20s while becoming addic. I feel as if this world was not built for me, desu. Why can't we have many different societies. How many hours a day do you spend watching anime bros? I did about 8 yesterday. imagine being in the american military before and accidentally mentioning your boyfriend and ge.

"/r9k/ - ROBOT" is a board for hanging out and posting greentext stories

To be honest i think every newscaster,late night show host,lawyer,current CEO and politician should. I struggled for 16 years of my adult life to get on my feet and I finally ''''succeeded''' got my d.

Do some people just naturally look dirty no matter how many showers they take? What causes this? I caved in and lost my virginity to a hooker. She said my benis was really long and she was riding i. I want to make a remote control car that actually does something cool. Any ideas? Hey you fucking incel virgin, why aren't you making ugly mutt girls your girlfriends like pic r.

Why dont you guys fuck black trannies: It seems way easier than fembot? Most of them hate niggers li. If you're lonely why not just get a degenerate tranny as your girlfriend?

They're desperat. I recently realised that i can't know something without the information being passed onto me. You ever think about how fucked up it must be to find the corpse of a family member who blew their b.

consider, that

Honest Question: How can anyone take a woman seriously when she willingly degraded herself and allow. Rant thread: Post your rants, vents or anything really. I'll start It seems like almost everyt. Tick Tock, it's almost lunch time. That means the decision between Arby's sauce vs Horsey. I don't care anymore bros, I'm free FREEEEEE I'M FREE AT LAST.

This is the final stag. imagine if 2B was tasked with a mission to extract a protein sample from a human male and she raped. is it even possible to get a gf like this when you're in your mid 20's? i have autism and i've begun to realize something. neurotypicals are good at acting.

Final, thin girl pusy blood seems remarkable

they act t. Never thought this would act. Why do women love horror so much? Its like every horror book and horror movie reviews have so many f. Is it possible to masturbate to normal porn again after years of hard-core fetish shit? The only girl I ever cared about in my life just disappeared without a trace. First time I've h. I'm fucking done. My sister angry with my cousin, she angry and would not allowed anyone touch.

I turned 18 today. I wish my parents had left me in Thailand living in Australia is awful for a guy.

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i'm stuck in a time vortex and ever post is 3 hours behind please get me out. Fuckin' faggot ass piece of shit. Fuck you, motherfucker, you're. I feel like a psychopath in the making using this app. Do people seriously enjoy browsing on this th. Fellas, I need help. I might fall for the femboy meme and I'm actually worried for myself. IRL.

Excellent answer, thin girl pusy blood something is

the only time i feel like looking for a girlfriend is when im drunk feels good most the time but the. Why is accepting reality for what it is considered a 'mental illness'? Isn't the real mental il. Black pill ideology: I would like to formulate a manifesto regarding the blackpill stipulating the i. Is installing this a step too far?

I don't have any friends, I tried to talk in a discord serve. if a genie offered you a dick so big that you were disabled and unable to walk, let alone fit it in. Music to listen to while high: I just took a bunch of edibles and smoked. Share music you can listen. He breathes anime virgin s. how to become comfy? not in a materialistic sensebut mentally. If you eat fake shitty cheap liver-toxic cassia instead of real Ceylon cinnamon, you're a normi.

Just applied as a stocker at a walmart. How likely will. i added the paramedic and some random asian guy from the psych ward on discord. for a paramedic this. Are you with me? We beat this demon once and for all! Should factual information be censored Iike dating statistics, divorce rates, hypergamy, male virgi. apex gmail. heheheheh its super late and im staying up shitposting. im going to be super duper tired tomorrow an. I wish i was good looking pr had a big cock Its not fair bros i didnt choose this Should i kms?

Is t. I stopped dating people because I'm tired of being hurt. it's better this way isn't. Now that the dust has settled. What did you guys think of chris chan being self declared as the seco. how can i become a normie?

i want to leave this place and never fucking come back. friend took off and ran into the woods on a acid trip, 4 tabs, he sent me this picture an hour ago. i j took ambien or something lol idk: everything's numb again OH MY GOD dude this is weird lik. Without thinking with your cock and considering all the implications, tell me what you would do in t.

org rollsafe. org tripsafe. org psychonautwiki. org fuck it edish. I'm a slave to my biology. The strong desire to feel the intimate touch of a female will always. i havent talked with my old friend group from highschool in 5 years becuase they became so toxic and. General Recommendations: Anyone got any decent General threads they know of? Current one I'm in. so you've become the leader of a group of insurrectionists, what do you call yourselves and wha. I haven't had weed for about a year and I worked out in the gym all buzzy and fuzzy as fuck wit.

How do you get over stage fright? and no, imagining everyone in their underpants doesn't actual. How the fuck do you drink liquor straight? The only liquor I've been able to drink straight is. How accurate is this for you personally Anon? Do you consider these actual high standards?

How hard is it being homeless? People who kill themselves are rarely these depressive twinks with dyed hair and six packs abs. Its. This life is some kind of experiment on how little happiness a person can have and still keep going. I am 21 and have a really diminished sex drive. I used to be so fucking horny when I was in high sch. random question here but do you somehow feel emboldened by making references to your mental illnesse.

Anime Debate: Can someone join my discord group so we can argue about anime? They control ev. Any anons here like to study history?

rather grateful

what are some interesting facts you know and where do you sou. I feel guilty when I go into a store and don't spend enough, like I am being an inconvenience t. Ideas for revenge: I went to see a prostitute who scammed me and I'm planning to see her again.

Why do I find fat goth chicks hotter than Stacy? There is something wrong with me. Does anyone else add all the 2FA phone numbers to their contacts and send them texts to effect the i. I have pissed through so many advantages and opertunities: I have just passed the point of being abl.

for that interfere

I had a dream that I have my wedding, with the girl which I liked so much from university. I was so. It's tough to have a life when you're aware that there's a great chance that the pers.

Robots NEED a 7ft tall dominant jungle catgirl gf They need to be protected by a strong, territorial. Is cuckolding really as popular as the internet makes it out to be? Hello anons from the board of the r9k, whos not a dirty fat fucking American here and wants to share.

I keep accidentally making my poor Mom cry anons. I feel bad. I keep trying to just avoid her but it. Therapy: I am mostly under the impression therapy tends to be for people who don't have friends. I'm 25 and I have a particular feeling of sadness at the fact that I no longer have a clear pee. Has western masculinity slided?

I feel like I am getting crowded here.

does not approach

I am a bit of a deviant, I l. sex: Is it possible to love someone and be happy with them if the sex is bad? Who even is this faggot and why does he think we give a shit about retarded politics? why have public school past grade 2? After you learn to read, write and do basic math everything els. how do you cope with living at home? homes are un.

I've recently developed what I feel is a rather let's call it an 'unhealthy' attachmen. Post pretty art. Anime or not doesn't matter, as long as you think it's gorgeous. Alright fellas, I'm feeling pretty down tonight, my best friend just bought a house, I spent th.

Is anyone else here amazed that you can pay people to do things you don't want to do? You can e. I am a bad person for desiring attention and affection.

useful piece

This is a statement, not a question. if you argue that abortion is about protecting your autonomy from a parasite, you're conflating. Why do so many people who drink to get drunk choose shitty beer like bud light over spirits. ATTN FEMBOTS: i suspect that it is believed the world is a better place without my participation. pain: What's the most Pain You've ever felt in your life?

For me it's a tie between g. I like to come to this board like once every 6 months or so and just laugh at how pathetic, sad, and. im so sick of getting rejected.

i bucked Petch the other night. she described her experience with nige in one word. sally's niges gf now, and mine and ten thousand other guys gf too. I bought a new phone for her. I hope to see Sally as well, if she is at the same bar again? Her old tel number not working. beer garden Suk soi 5 is number 1. had my first thaifuckwhore there, will always be dear to me. Sally is a great fuck i ll get her again in augustbought already the stockings for her.

the freelancers outside nana hotel parking lot are all stunners. beat whats inside nana anyday. many Nana freelanceers will drink your urine if you were drinking their favorite beer all night. No surprise there, she plays innocent very well but is not Saw her last one year ago. Met Sally on Soi Nana when she was eating.

Told me she love me too much. fucking whore. Funny but Sally told me she was eternally mine as well where did you see her in Bangkok? When I fucked Sally she told me she was eternally mine and now I see her by Nige how the fuck can anyone fuck a girl with a cock?

you're real and utterly sick in your heads. I actually saw Nu in the Walking Street last week, if it wasn't for my Missus I'd take her. I am in lobe with Max, I hope he will do with me same think that thai and tnen more. Having a girlfriend in Pattaya is like trying to reason with one - a complete waste of time. Salee will do anything for money She still hangs out on Soi 4 often late night.

Drank my urine. I met Salee eating at Tankay down closer to the water. Nice girl, prettier in person.

Nige you would be an excellent posterboy for viagra and cialis with your premanently stiff boner. who else has fucked sally? she is such gfe - who else has been with this little gem? these two guys sicken me too bad cuz the chicks and LBs are SO hot. those guy- what a damper.

i hope someday captain cowboy will be fucked in the ass by one of the thai big cock LB. Nigel, you are a legend. Please make a wikipedia article or facebook myspace page on yourself. I hope everybody understands this:Ladyboys are transvestites.

They had or will have a sexchange. where can i find pookie benz? i wanna bust my load all over their tight fucking twats. he,where i can have a good time with topgirls models in pattaya.

no russians please:. All woman in the west are same sluts as those thaigirls, ewen our mothers and sisters. Why did you guys not tell your sisters and mothers to do same as this thailadys?

remarkable answer

God money. It would be better to have a millstone around your neck inthe ocean then causing us to sin. wot is a English women doin viewin a site like this? pray for me coz i go pattaya tomorrow. A disaster,jerked off to Sally and lo and behold when I came Niges cock was on my retinas. very soon i will travel to bangkok and then youl tell if i can compare with asian hookers.

where does Nige buy his rubbers? thai rubbers are made for thai men not for Niges fire hose. Hey Bald White TRash, U done a good job. People makes money by their own hands, you by a big coc. thanks nige. u have been a true hero to me. cos' of u my belly dick are bigger and im now bald.

hi i'wannt to paly porn movie to but i'dont have the contact i man 24 age i'm black from africa. you think they all have the same email address? do you get out much? go to thailand fool. Im interessted in some girls from this page can someone help me? email adresse or somthing. you guys are in lots of trouble have fun living in hell deviants are the worst u are gonna get butt crack stains in your blue jeans if u don't start wearing underwear. if u don't know by now nigey nige' is a freak cos he's got a sexual seduction Would prefer a ass so big that you cannot even find the pussy no matter how large your dick?

My wif is Thai and has a big arse like a jelly on springs, perfect for fucking and she loves it. Why do all asian girls have soft and flat asses? Do they sit riding on Niges boner too much or?

last I heard GAN SAR has had a kid with the Thai boyfriend but was about to come back to work. U don't need help in hookin up with girls in Thailand.

They are fucking everywhere. Longing for the day when I can read of Soda receiving a judical caning on her beautiful butt. I'll tell u where some of me girls are but your ass is gonna be sore raw. no need to clean me.

Nige I will clean the spunk off your boner if you let me taste some of your honeys Club boesche isgreat I had a little blonde asian there named Ooh. I fucked atlot there. There's a place called the woods. Past toni's gym. as you turn to goto Jomtien, 5 bj fuck.

Nige and Cowboy Ape Man lead normal lives. it's us wankers looking at them who don't why will no one tell people where to find one of these girls, alot of guys here are asking. i wonder what nu and lak's fingers smelled like after they were done fingering nige's butt crack.

Money is number 1 in pattaya, Dont pay over bht for the night unless they are a fukn model. Please go to a counrty that has slutty white women like asia does, i love the asians, more white.

what fuctioning apologise

SAR I fucked her anal on three visits. I heard she is sick now. thank god for condoms. x-mas is here. tree is decorated. and ol' nige' should be coming down the chimney now ping pong is the hottest girl on street meat is she around pattaya?

I would pay big for that one. love pattaya it is heaven on earth I dont see any ansewers to questions on this page? notice how they suck their tummies in so that it won't touch Nige's sweaty, scarred, beerbelly. well these girls are so normal for me I had Gf's like that when i was in Kuala lumpur hiskool. hippie girl forest swallows ol' nige's saltwater cum and he calls her a bitch. nice guy he is. saw Nige two days ago at nana plaza.

real pasty n seedy looking mutherfucka. i love anal. I joined so that I could have a video of Sally - I fucked her in BK - Who else has? i had to join just to see Creamy Anne as i fucked her in Pattaya and she was great. Nigel fucks like an old man My Grandpa 90 fucks faster and better Poor Girls thats wright in Malay nations like Indonesia and Malaysia it's not allowed so dp thai. Who has been with Sally, I know her from Bangkok.

Anyone else out there met her? I want contact. look at nige's hips. i like how he rock em'. all in his stance doin' his motherfuckin' dance man. Max: i am saving and if i get enough i will travel to bangkok to play as prostitute for you.

Hi, can I ask you, does anybody know, if Nigel is married to thai prostitute? Or live with? I'm finally going to Thailand Anyone know where Weanta, Milly or Jilly work? nu and lak real name kwan were last seen in Soi Cowboy can't remember bar name April i'd like to know what the hell gemma ate before she shit on nige's pudgy ol' beer belly. Sitting at Copenhagen airport now on my way to Nana Plaza. Look out my cute hoes, yiippeeee. nu looked so cute when she pointed at nige's curly q's on his pubic hair and giggled.

he didn't. Ok,I'll be at the Flipper Lodge in soi 8 next week. Please Nige leave my girlfriends alone. My Jomtien condo is number one cause its stuffed with naughty sex toys and movies. Flipper lodge hotel or the Sunshine are both great and both on Soi 8 near the beach and action. sunshine vista serviced apartments,more like a hotel and good price and no props wih lady friend.

Does anybody out there have the name of a good hotel in Pattaya, one they've used themselves? Thank you whoever you are for the infor on Emma, I'll have one on you. Thanks again. yeah the stories from the pics are brilliant Especially that one abt Freckle,makes it horny. Get that Emma one she is a great fuck, and you can make her cum real quick and she shoots everyw. Corrupt, sleazy n beautiful.

Oh I forgot, cold beer. Fuckin luv it. Is there a pre booking service that somebody cas use before going to thailand or phone numbers. I'm going to Thailand how do I contact ladyboy Emma. Somebody, anybody before I explode. In my experience Thai girls shag like mad and simply never stop fucking. Always up for it. screwed ping 2 dayz ago.

good shag. said nige's dick was big but his breath crack were rotted. The Thai wife is in Thailand, just had a boob job, doc says they need massage, on my way asap.

Nige, if there's anyone in Pattaya you haven't fucked tell me, I'd love NOT to taste your cum Figure Aboutbut if you are a Brit take pounds. Always change your cash in Thailand. Pattaya 6 times a year for 8 years where did it all go wrong ha ha ha ha. amazing how them girls let ugly nige' stick that ugly penis of his in them. price must be right. My ladyboy wife is the best fuck I've ever had and I'll be glad to share her with you. some of u rock. love choice. these thai babes are lovely,i am falling in love with each on e of them.

should i marry one? shining skin of Jupiter is wonderful, and please, post some free photos of nulak, they are upmos. Why put trannies on the same page as chicks? MAJOR turn off for anyone not into it. am nuts about girls wearing plastic clothing, can any one do ponytails wearing plastic wear. are there any girls willing to pose wearing plastic pants n rain jackets,trade photos of my wife. Has anyone seen Sally lately? I fucked her one year ago and I would like to find her again. N70 Phone best investment I made.

Girls say no but love the idea of being sluts on film. Come on boys someone out there must know where the fuck NU and LAK are need to fuck them both so. Until you had a ladyboy fuck you up the ass you haven't lived. It's exciting when they hose you. Get some new post ops on the sitealso liked Bitter dark skinned beauty more of her please. when will i fuck 2 chiks and 1 chick with dick at the same time Some day, I'll save up and go to Pattaya to have my dick serviced by these little whores.

Jennifer man what a lb she should be a girl looking like that and that extra fun toy more to lov. I noticed ladyboys kiss u on hte mouth,do they realy fall in love or they are just pretending it.

Just got back from Pattaya. Very quiet at the moment, so more Women to choose from. shit nige'. u need some new fruit of the looms u don't wear any underwear?. The cutest girl on the planet is the bouncer at Club Boesche she's soooooooooo hot.

I can't have a normal relationship with a lazy fat english girl. Been to Thailand too mant times. Man I love wacking off to this shit Reminds me of all that tight little Thai ass I have fucked.

Off to airport again Fucking Pattaya what has the place done to me? Miran is Tanya with boobs, blonde hair and contacts- finally see the vid of this luvly twin. I am not asian but i would love to have a three some with him fucking my ass till i can't walk. sure miss the good old days travellig around in south east asia. but i'm 33 now with family. going to pattaya. soi 3 up to walking st and all bloody great,walk then all have fun. nige', u need a new pair of blue jeans. them ones u are always wearin' look awful on u im fucking a nice ladyboy ass when taking look of these picks,how tight this ass what is this break that you want?

you don't like my opinions,you don't follow my advice. Do the clubs or bars allow 4 gals to leave with me if I pay the fees? Please let me know.

Virgin Testing - ZULU GIRLS Part 1

Anybody know where i can find pictures of Fang the tattooed girl from happy a go-go? loved it when nige' looked at petch and said with dick in hand.

your turn. and she began cryin. mmmmm i'd love to tease mercedes' tiny cock with my tongue and make it hard And the Most Delicious Bum in Thailand Award goes to the buttery assed Carrot Head I want to coat Debbie's cock with choc sauce and gobbbbbblllllleee it if you are looking for lek so am i. been with her in dec 07 for two weeks,she is a gem.

That cowboy is a serious pervert. I'd like to go on the piss with him. I'm in pattaya june this picture,when gemma shit on nigel,make me wanne puke. spank this whore,thats much better. uuuuh, just seeing two lb-sexbombs fucking and sucking each other makes me Cum right now.

I just think u guys are great doing what we dream about keep up the good work guys. Yes, NATASHA is that Russian girl who lives in Thailand. Takes it in every orifice. Natascha, was that the russian girl who lives in Thailand?

If i think of the same she s so sexy. watch out for a nutter called jeab on pattata 2nd road she will kill you if she gets a chance.

Met Ping at Tankay down towards the beach. Nice girl, airhead but way better looking in person. when nige was a young boy, his father took him into the city to see a marching band, he said son. Nigel, what's the name of the babe in bodysuit the mintperg set? She gets me so hard. when will Nigel publish his memoirs? hope hes keeping a log not the 1 in his pants. I was in Pattaya for 70 days and I Never saw Nige or Ladyboy Cock star on Walking Street?

I crapped the first time a ladyboy buttfucked me. Thai food is good but it plays hell on your ass. It's cheap. Most of them will fuck for baht. But that is hard for me to accept. I dont want to use them only.

Want to give them feeling back. Give them money and they'll think you're the cats ass. For the rookies. Rule 1- Don't fall in love with them. It's business only, and you buy. Don't try to marry Sar. She married a Canadian already. Don't try to marry any of them. Tell Sar to get her boots on b in Walking st 8pm 13 2 07 im on my way. do u think she marry me. had a dream i pulled nige's blue jeans down around his ankles and groped and fondled him bags r packed about time these girls got a taste of some real aussie cock cu u there.

Weanta drives me nuts, i might have to take a trip to Thailand so she can have her way with me. Nice, friendly girls at the Lobster Pot They're not tramps Be nice to them, they'll be nice to U.

Just make it to Walking Street. Cum dump bars, beer bars and great food. It's a good time. why doesnt Nigel wear a 'syrup' when he is on the job ,Ah you Hansum man once again. I love watching skinny thai sluts getting their asshole ripped by your big fat cock. some of the good girls like to call their experience with ol nige' gut wrenching there 12 2 07 email me mobile no 4 catchup as wont be on net in thailand buy u a beer paul all. how much these days 4 a pattaya girl give me ballpark price some1please, i'll b there soon.

I am ashamed to say that I watch this freaking website. I have decided not to watch it anymore. More Xam please.

Ugly girl, cut body, flat tits, awesome expressions getting the bang. Each his own Nigel but I would appreciate it if you stick to the girls and lay of the ladyboys. I'm sorry for the heavenly beautiful girls that have to bear moron Nigel just for a few bucks. Get real, you pay for them as Nigel does and you will get as much pussy as he gets. Nigel, please please bring back Jilly and also that tall thin chic from the Mintperng collection. Ive just booked ticket, bkk here we cum : that girl Pooki where she hang out?

any idea? Ugly or not, you have to admit that Nigel sure gets alot of pussy, ass, and other body parts. what about me then? my sister is always getting fucked in her ass by this ugly bald man Either Nigel is your father or that bull dog that beat him down the alley to get to your mom.

those girls get super sore in the mornin' when nige wakes up with his early mornin' pee erection. Why is my mom on this site? Is it possible that the freaky looking bald dude is my father? Do bar girls go to the hotel with you,or they have room at the bars.

I'll be there in 4 months. I like the pics, hate the BULLSHIT stories that go along with them. Nigel pays every one of them.

The best fuck is: 2 Thai girls 2 LB and 2 Thai boys,at the same time. just fuck them all in ass. Ken from Lving Dolls showcase is a tosser, all the showgirls are passed their sell by dates. Saw Salee last week in Big C in Pattaya.

Beautiful as ever, petite body with firm big titties. Best Back Pussies THAI then Fillipino And then Chinese Had them all Thai my Favorite. Best back pussies: 1 White, 2 Korean, 3 Thai, 4 Indonesian; tried them all Which area is better for good looking Thai hoes?

I know of Pattaya and Pat Pong. We are talking real pussies here, no LB's? My pref. Filipina 2. Thai 3. Malyysian 4. West United States has tons of thai and philipine girls waiting to be fucked. Lucky me. So where is a good place to go in Eastern Europe for bitchs,and how much they charge?

If I'd caught Soda masturbatingI would have sent her to the housemaster for severe caning. thailand is more expensive than east european countries now and they fuck better than in Thailan. better to agree with the girls first but take 10 if you want and have money anybody know were carrot the sexy skinny ladyboy works, anybody now what bar the lbs work. Thailand is too fucking expensive now I prefer Madagascar : 5 euros night and only sex bomb.

Thai girls cum hard Friend rode me CG,when she jumped off me she poured cum on me. Pooki's the hottest. I would FUCK her as hard as I could and paint her face white with my juice. LBFM's no how 2 fuck, why there's so many of them. Nice and tight not like white ho's.

i like rhis girl nu, tobad she is a whore, i would keep her my self but now she has what you hav. Pattaya Pattaya, Im 21 and I have been 3 times this year yes it's the best. when nige' walks into the clubs on thanksgiving he first likes to say. gobble gobble bitches. just got back, drinkin n bangin different chix every nite for 1 whole week, fukin great. Go to Nevada Bar on Soi Post Office ask for Pui, HUGE TITS Wanna see her on here.

petch's pussy was soppin' wet but she couldn't handle anymore of his big knob. i wanna hump her. u guys should join and watch the sophie petch vid. petch made nige stop cos' he made her sore. Sar is amazing Ok ya lucky bastard give up her Loc. I wanna ask her to Marry Me. Anyone see Scorpion, I see her on other sites and she keeps getting hotter each time i see her.

manila angeles city phillipines is much place then thailand bkk pattaya, try to go and enjoy. The girls in the Wasted Love pics. I wouldn't fuck them with your dick. They are gross as hell. I love Scorpion. I am going to travel to Thailand just meet her. She's is the hottest LB ever. is that true u can get ladies for free? it seems incredible to me,where can i find them?

zisho69 i want to have sex with a tranny. i want bottom only, i will suck and fuck. Don't understand. They look like girls but they've got cocks. What sort of crazy world is this? Why are LB's much better looking than the girls? I must have monkey-sex with Scorpian Weanta. can u imagine what ol' nige's toejam smells like?

the purpose

no wonder those poor girls vomit everywhere. If you just wrote where you got the ladies bar etcthis would be the number one thing. get some more from living dolls agogoand Aui from Soi Diamond I know you go there where do I find EMMARanyone any ideas? Going to Thailand December Where can you find emma, tiger, tanya or soda, I want to go to thailand just to meet.

I like the smiles on all the girls faces looks like they arew having a blast when did u have Can? Where u meet her? Going to Thailand next month and want her azz and more. my wishlist: Sar, Salee, Clit, Honey, Pooki, Benz, Sweet, Whisp, Ping. Any idea wher 2find them?

more pics of the sexy farah please does anybody know where this ballbuster is now? Anyone see Scorpian letely? Anyone know where she working? She is the hottest LB. Here name is no SAR it is CAN and I had the azz already Not bad My cock bigger then old man.

how you get all the anal ladies. When I ask a thai lady to fuck her ass they always say no. i used to love this stuff till i see nigel fucking a ladyboy omg youre a sicko faggot cant you.

what about shaving the girls pussies, befor fucking them? buahh some girls are realy terrible. any body been to dr. steve party, how big is it, were exactly do i find out about it. im patrick power live in irland and go to pattaya a lot im fat and ugly but love lady boy xx.

jay do that bird like you have never done her befor mate but be the tin man and lube up. Being over rated or not doesnt matter. Nigel is still getting all the girls and a great web site. You know what's fucked up? It just doesn't look good when a tiny girl sucks a huge cock. With a homing device in his dick, Nigel pumps anything that moves.

Your bird, mum, dad, brother.

Casual thin girl pusy blood something

Once you blow ur dust with Asian birds, western women don't even compare if u want free, the lady has to like you,never say free, but let it be known, teasewithpatiece. had a great threesome with little thai sluts last summer, pattaya is heaven on earth. we love ping we love ping we love ping we love ping, get her a tit job u tight northerner. all the women on this site are uglybut i suppose if u mongers are ugly what can yee do.

A cock up your bum and one in the mouth. I hope its a woman who said that but I feel it isn't. hi where do you find these girls in pattaya ,is there special club or some bars that they hang. you should get a girl called A from AngelWitch.

I had the pleasure. She's 18 and very cute. ping i felt for her from wot u wrote but after video the girl is a superstar, I'd give her b. Ping should wear full makeup all the time, and accept her status. If not, shave her bald.

got back from pattaya on sat now i got a burning on my dick dam condom split 4 times. Hi i am Ladyboy here came from Philippines im looking for some one. mygayhearth16 add me. More Jilly, more Jilly more Jilly - I can't stop touching myself when I see her pics.

these girls must be khmer because some look just like my wife we look at this together for fun. they shoulda used ol' nige to play the lead in the movie the fly instead of jeff goldbloom. Plz give me more of Jilly She is sooo hot. I'd luv for her to take me and pee on me. thanks for the lb pattaya info, theres also i new go go for lbs called stringfellows on soi Pattaya LB bars Jenny Star, on walking street Hi Boss Bar Soi six, many freelancers on beach.

Sally needs to provide a full oral presentation. Perfect boy toy, all holes open. Let's see more. Im completely straight but these ladyboys turn me on oh yeah really make me horny. If this stuff is too much for you to handle mate, take a hard look at your fat ugly hairy wife. when would be the best time to go to thailand in order to get the cheapest prizes for whores? I cant stop thinking of little stiff cocks with purple heads squirting loveley sperm. Im fairly straight but I would swallow a load its driving me crazy love foreskin too.

Don't you have girl's that are smoking and drunking that's real. you ohau man, were do the ladyboys in town go out to,club,bar, beach for sun? its afetish really. n fantasy. face to face youl run away unless your dunk as i was three times. if your female or cute male living on Ohau, HI and want a nice ass fuck, yahoo me at shyguy inhi. i cant stop jerking off to this page the girl side not the ladyboysno offence lol.

Sure they are hot. Remember 99 of Thai girls are shy and wont act like this. These are whores. why is it that these ladyboys or whatever u call em have dicks longer than the avarage?

your last ate showed her sucking you to completion. great hands off mouth only. Miran Milly Nongsao are the most feminine ladyboys. Where can we find Miran Milly?

that gal green-tea she is really my cup of tea. hope I gonna spot her at Pattaya now. Going to Pattaya tomorrow. Stopped wanking yesterday, jizz sack filled to the brim, yeah. i have to have Weanta, I'm traveling this fall to Thailand. Has anyone seen her or Scorpian? Each to his own but are there any straight guys making comments here watching this site.?

Geat videos Cut back on you JERKING OFF, let them SUCK you to completion. Very exciting. is 5 really enough? enjoy the life. just make sure they understand that its at one time. Why would a single man go any where else but thailand. Im doing 5 up the ass at the same time. i'm sure that Tab had to see the pussy doc after Nige' got done blastin her pussy over the desk.

i get free all the time, u lack something if your execpting paying, or your a angry bar girl. thanks,at nana can you get theese ladyboys for hundred baht or freeif your handsome to them. like how nige gives the girls a nice aroma of his sweaty knock-off filas and his white socks Sounds good but are you a woman or a lady boy? Need to be clear about these things on this site. I would dress slutty for you and let you have your way with me Im hot, sexy and in WA state.

If you're the man, why aren't you running this site? Nigel is THE MAN. Maybe ugly but THE MAN. Can't buy me love Sir Paul cum 2 Pattaya eat ur words literally. Nige fukem long time haha. Nigel gives new meaning to Walk lightly but carry a big stick Teddy Roosevelt would be proud. The lady boys in manila hang out in p buros street ,makati ,but they are better in bangkok.

nige, where can i find natasha? going to pattaya in a couple of weeks and want 2 fuck her. Are there any Ladyboys in Manila that you know of, and if so where do they hang out? Any slut, girl or LB whatever nationality belongs here. As long as they fuck and eat cum. keep this site clean for these russian tartsthey dont belong here. ive been to pattaya 6 times in 8 months pussy every where i want to cry when i have to come home.

I was very lucky, I fucked lek last week in pattaya,you can find out her in waalk street. Pattaya is the best vacation place but Bangkok is good too Nana Plaza has many hot LBs. There's a go-go on Walking Street near Jenny Star Bar filled with Russian Women in Pattaya. This guy fucks tens every day all we need to do is get a set of balls and do the same thing Nige, i'm in love with one of the girls you fucked up.

I want to marry her with your approval. is there a couple in bkk where I could stay next vacation and jointly use the wife? pls phone nr. Go to pattaya much more fun and awesome. I fucked many Ladyboys and girls there in 10 days. wish i had a dollar for every time ol' nige says a good girl that's a good girl good girl. Nige you bastard. I've only been attracted to women, but DAMN these ladyboys are hot. Pattaya or Bangkok? I am booking my holiday to Thailand want lots of pretty LBs, HELP.

cowboy is bigfoot, the sonofabitch escaped the wilderness and is in asia fucking ladyboys. so what u do if u fall for one those ladyboys in pattaya i had that problem crazy city that. I would truly marry a Ladyboy it's serious were can i chat with then via internet? why you not man there,take this girls to the sadoo ranch,in north pattaya,and fuck them real har. Nige, open a club based on this site.

U could make a killing. Cowboy open1 nxt door haha Moose. Carmen, where can I find you? I wanna look in your eyes and tell you something. I can't get enough of Weanta and Torn.

Are their vids on this site worth the membership? Pattaya what a place.

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