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The African wild ass is a critically endangered species of donkey found around the Horn of Africa. Its former range included Egypt, Sudan, and Libya, but persecution for meat and hide have reduced their population to a mere few hundreds. Wild African Ass. Size : The African wild ass is around 6. Color : They have a fawn to light grey smooth and short coat, which fades to white around the undersides.

The African Wild Ass varies in size, but is generally centimetres inches tall.

01/01/  The African Wild Ass (Equus africanus asinus) is also called a ivey2020.com is a domesticated animal. It is an ungulate - a hoofed mammal. The African Wild Ass has grey-brown fur with a white nose, a black stripe from the base of its neck to its front legs, and a short ivey2020.comted Reading Time: 1 min 23/06/  Physical Description. Size: The African wild ass is around ft (2 m) long with a height of between and ft (m) at the shoulder. Weight: They weigh around lbs ( kg). Color: They have a fawn to light grey smooth and short coat, which fades to white around the ivey2020.com is a rigid, upright and black-tipped mane on the nape of the ivey2020.comted Reading Time: 3 mins The African Wild Ass greatly resembles a donkey and is actually thought to be one of its descendants. The creature stands at around metres in height and in length is just under 6 and a half feet. The coat of the African Wild Ass is short just like that of a donkey but is smooth with a colour range from fawn to light grey which breaks into

The African Wild Ass is adapted to hot desert areas. They are generally solitary animals. A male ass is called a jack, a female ass is called a jenny, and a young donkey is called a foal.

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A jenny is pregnant for about 12 months, and usually gives birth to a single foal. The African Wild Ass can interbreed with other members of the family Equidae, and are commonly interbred with horses. The hybrid between a jack and a female horse mare is called a mule.

African wild ass synonyms, African wild ass pronunciation, African wild ass translation, English dictionary definition of African wild ass. Noun 1. African wild ass - a wild ass of Africa Equus asinus wild ass - any of several equine mammals of Asia and northeast Africa Based on WordNet The African wild ass is the granddaddy of the domesticated donkeys of today. It is a desert animal, living primarily in three countries of Africa. It looks like a regular donkey except for its legs, which appear to be wearing black and white striped knee-high socks The African wild ass (Equus africanus) is the ancestor of the domestic donkey, and has a similar stocky body ivey2020.com short, smooth coat is a light grey to fawn colour, fading to white on the undersides and legs. Both subspecies have a dark stripe across their back and the Somali wild ass (ivey2020.comcus) also has horizontally striped legs like those of a zebra

The hybrid between a jenny and a male horse stallion is called a hinny. The African Wild Ass can also interbreed with zebras to produce zonkeys.

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Skip to content The African Wild Ass Equus africanus asinus is also called a donkey. They always have had to fight for survival due to the fact that, as desert animals, they live in a hostile environment with an annual rainfall of less than 8 inches, making food and water very scarce.

It was listed on the U. Fish and Wildlife Service's Endangered Species List in Juneand listed as critically endangered in A hardy animal, biblical references place this animal as far back as 6, years ago.

It once roamed all over the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and Somalia as well as the Arabian Peninsular. However, now only a small population of them can be found in parts of just three countries: Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

As with so many other animals on the endangered species list, one of the biggest reasons the African wild ass is critically endangered is habitat loss.

As cattle ranchers and dairy farmers began claiming grasslands for domestic cattle, the African wild ass was pushed out of areas where it had lived for thousands of years. Farmers, upon seeing them, would shoot on sight or otherwise force them out of the places they would go for food and water until, eventually, very little land was left on which they could survive. Although this animal can go up to three days without water, it does need continuous access to water.

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As farmers claimed water sources for their own agricultural use, the African wild ass was left to find other places to drink in a place where water already was scarce. The wild African ass has been hunted almost to extinction for its meat. Parts of the animal's body also are used in traditional African and Chinese medicine to cure a plethora of ills, including tuberculosis, rheumatism, back and bone pain, and even constipation.

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The body parts are made into a soup that is believed to have curative qualities for these maladies. The wild ass reproduces relatively slowly.

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Females don't reach sexual maturity until they are about 3 to 4 years of age, the gestation period is an entire year, and they only bear young every other year. Therefore, the animals taken during the hunt are not replaced quickly, causing their numbers to decline.

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Artillery used during the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea was left in and around areas where the African wild ass lives when the war ended. These guns were found by people who began using them to hunt, making them more proficient at slaughter. With donkeys so prevalent in the world today it's hard to believe that any donkey could be endangered.

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Interbreeding has created a hybrid of the African wild ass and there are less than true African wild asses - feral donkeys with the genetic makeup of a particular taxonomy - left in the wild.

They number less than in captivity in zoos around the world.

09/03/  Since the birth of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park's first Somali ass in , 42 have been born there. Only four other U.S. institutions have Somali wild asses. In , the Safari Park had three new foals born to the herd's sire, "Freedom". Seven critically endangered Somali wild asses now reside at the Park. (Equus africanus somaliensis) The African wild ass is a very robust animal with a sturdy built. This mammal is perfectly adapted to its desert habitat. The African wild ass can survive immense water loss of as much as 30of its body weight and restore this huge loss within only minutes when drinking water 25/01/  African Wild Ass play a vital role in the health of their arid ecosystems and can serve as flagship species for the conservation and maintenance of important landscapes. Included in the Roadmap is background information on the species, a summary of current threats, and suggested conservation measures, to coordinate international conservation of

To differentiate among the types of wild asses and their status, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species CITES labeled the African wild ass Equus africanus and the domestic ass asinus. The Equus africanus is critically endangered as it interbreeds with the Equus asinus, obliterating the genetic markers that makes it the unique animal it once was.

S1 E1 The African Wild Ass Stamp -- A Stamp from Ethiopia

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