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A disturbing video shared on Weibo social media has shocked China, as two girls beat, humiliate and strip a clearly distressed girl as onlookers laugh behind the camera. Schumer announces deal reached to lift the debt limit until Dec. Maryland man charged after shooting his pharmacist brother and wife. Int Auschwitz Committee member speaks of former guard on trial. Father beaten to death by butcher after moaning about meat prices. Al Capone's granddaughter auctions off his prized possessions.

Beating is just the easy way out for a shitty parent. Dante Good all fashion whipping, that is how we grew up.

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this is how some kids listen nd do shit right. Wacky News.

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Sign Up For The NewsOne Newsletter Close. Your email will be shared with newsone. Look, we understand that no matter where you go, little kids do things that would get an adult ostracized from society forever.

It's just that you don't really grasp how messed up kids are until you see them out of the context of your own culture. For example, if you get a job at a school in Japan or South Korea as our two sources di you may find that it's not uncommon for a pupil to sneak up on you and suddenly jam their fingers up your ass.

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Then the student will run away laughing, as if having scored a point in a game that exists only in their depraved little-kid mind. Tofugu Hell, in America, that kid would be expelled simply for making a gun shape with his hands.

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This popular school "prank," which probably has never been referred to as such by people on the receiving end of it, consists of putting one's hands together, extending the index fingersand then plunging them between the cheeks of the chosen target for hopefully not literal shits and giggles.

It's kind of like the East Asian equivalent of the wedgie, only it's perfectly acceptable to pull it on teachers - like Fred, who almost fell victim to it many times while teaching in South Korea.

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There, the digital assault is known as " ddong chim ," meaning "poop needle" :. He follows me into the bathroom and often breaks out of the crowd, using taller students as cover while he approaches for the attack.

The same practice is known as " kancho " literally "enema" in Japan, where it's become the bane of the existence of many foreign teachers.

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Although for accuracy's sake, we must point out that ddong chim differs from its Japanese counterpart in that you can also get "poop needled" by old women on the subway, which a friend of Fred's once had the misfortune of learning firsthand.

We're assuming this was followed about at least a decade of trauma therapy.

Yeah, it turns out that when you combine children's lack of a filter with wacky cultural misunderstandings, you get some pretty dark stuff. In the above case: in China, many people still hold a grudge against Japan, whom they perceive as the bad guy of World War II. The same opinion is also commonplace in many parts of South Korea, and the kids are happy to echo the hatred they hear from the grown-ups.

Likewise, another teacher working in South Korea told us, "If I show a video with any person of color in class, I will always have students just randomly yell out the n-word.

I've also had students personally call me that, even though I'm white.

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Again, they're kids. They don't know what they're saying.

And when they see you react in horror, well, they think that's quite hilarious. During Fred's entire career, he has never seen his students more motivated than when they were learning English curse words.

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Because it doesn't matter where you are; all kids are basically tiny versions of drunk adults. A lot of Chinese and Korean kids will also do this, but with English swear jar words.

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So I'll be teaching and suddenly hear elementary school kids squeak out 'fuck,' 'shit,' or 'ass,' slowly getting louder each time. It's pretty hard not to burst out laughing when a year-old kid who literally can't even say 'hello' in English is sitting there with a demonic little grin, tossing out phrases like 'shit, teacher, SHIT!

Digital Vision.

And sometimes you may even pick up some new material from the kids, like when Fred had a Chinese student who would constantly stick his head into his office to ask, "Hey, big tit! Why so yellow!?

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Yellow, by the way, means "sexy" or "horny" there ie, pornos are "yellow movies". One can only imagine the collective disappointment of Chinese audiences when Yellow Submarine first came out over there.

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If our last article about male South Korean students feeling each other up in class didn't tip you off yet, let's just say it like it is: Asian countries are less paranoid about sex than most of America. You could argue that that's a good thing on the whole, even if it does occasionally result in Fred's prepubescent students making kissy faces at him and constantly asking for his phone number.

But add in the natural fascination with foreigners and multiply it by a kid's inability to give a shit, and you end up with a bunch of students in rural Korean schools constantly trying to get a glimpse of Fred's dick.

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When I used a stall, they'd pound on the door and literally try to crawl under the divider just to wave and say hello and giggle. Even after Fred switched to a teachers-only bathroom two floors up, his students weren't deterred, and started following him in there, too. During the last week of December, I engaged in a "stupid" act with a married man. He been married now for 34 years.

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Before putting his finger inside my anus, he left the bed, went into the bathroom to put petroleum jelly on his finger. He then returned and we continued.

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